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CareerCert Expands Fire Offering, Adds HAZMAT Courses

CareerCert has yet again expanded our fire offering, making it easier than ever for fire departments to fulfill all their continuing education requirements in one convenient place. With the addition of 8 hours of online HAZMAT training to our course library, your team can access 75 hours of fire training they can complete at the […]

New, In-Depth Courses on Building Resilience as a First Responder

We’ve all seen the statistics. First responders have higher risks of sleep disorders, PTSD, mental illness, suicide, and burnout. Here at CareerCert, we know that for you to best protect and care for those in your community, you also need to protect and care for your brothers and sisters in the field and yourself. That’s […]

New Courses on LGBTQ Awareness, Opioids, and More

We recently released 5 new courses on CareerCert to help your team get critical training. Learn more about these courses and how you can access them.

Updates to Training for Fire Department Leadership

We understand that great departments run under informed leadership—that’s why we’re releasing more courses to help fire department leaders. These fire command center courses are designed to help each department leader increase efficiency and safety for their department.

New Educator Training Available Soon

At CareerCert, we understand the importance of continuing education as it directly correlates to patient outcomes, and we want to help you easily and efficiently equip your team with the tools they need to provide the best patient care possible. Your role as an educator is vital to your department. We’ll soon be offering courses that follow NAEMSE refresher guidelines to help you better train your providers.

Expanded Fire Content

CareerCert is excited to announce an expansion of fire courses within our content library. These highly anticipated courses focus on providing an all inclusive education platform for departments that manage both EMS and Firefighting professionals. These courses serve to help your providers meet continuing education requirements and gain confidence in both of their fields of practice. 

VILT Updates

At CareerCert, it’s important to us that your providers are getting the most up-to-date medical information so they can be prepared for critical situations in the field. To help further your providers’ knowledge, we’ve updated all coursework for each of our virtual instructor-led courses.

A Complete EMS Library

CareerCert is dedicated to helping your team be the best they can be while out in the field—that’s why we’ve expanded the course offerings in our EMS library.