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New, In-Depth Courses Released on Building Resilience

New, In-Depth Courses Released on Building Resilience

Fire & Emergency Responder Certification

We’ve all seen the statistics. First responders have higher risks of sleep disorders, PTSD, mental illness, suicide, and burnout. Here at CareerCert, we know that for you to best protect and care for those in your community, you also need to protect and care for your brothers and sisters in the field and yourself.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce the release of a new 5-part course on resiliency in our library

Get a free glimpse of these courses in our webinar “Building Resiliency for First Responders—A Complete Approach.

These courses provide a 360-degree approach to building resilience at the individual and department level. At CareerCert, we strive to provide crucial training that not only fulfills CE requirements but that improves outcomes and enriches lives. We’re constantly refining our course library to address important emerging issues, stay at the forefront of continuing education innovations, and provide you with the most engaging and up-to-date content possible.

That’s why we love hearing your feedback. We know that no one understands your needs better than you. This year, we’ve been proactively reaching out to our customers for regular business reviews so that we can better understand your department’s goals and how our team can help you achieve those. We look forward to connecting with you and working together to protect our communities and improve outcomes. 

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