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CareerCert Expands Fire Offering, Adds HAZMAT Courses

CareerCert has yet again expanded our fire offering, making it easier than ever for fire departments to fulfill all their continuing education requirements in one convenient place.

With the addition of 8 hours of online HAZMAT training to our course library, your team can access 75 hours of fire training they can complete at the station or from the comfort of their home anytime and on any device.

Now, your department has 24/7 access to industry-leading content that keeps your personnel prepared to better protect against loss of life and property and fulfills the educational portion of your ISO requirements. These CareerCert courses include:

  • 50+ hours of firefighter training
  • 10.5 hours of officer training, with 5 more hours releasing in the next 6 months on leadership, ethics, and budgeting
  • 8 hours of HAZMAT training
  • 3.5 hours of driving training

Coming Features

While we know these courses are crucial for keeping your team at their best, we also understand that department training and ISO requirements encompass so much more than what can be learned in a classroom.

That’s why last year we created a new tool, Fire Progress Reports, which allows administrators to track their department’s progress toward meeting ISO, state, or department-specific fire CE. We also expanded our external training options so you can track drills, hands-on training, in-house activities, and more. When your next ISO audit rolls around, you can have the peace of mind of knowing all your department’s training and records are easily accessible in one place. Plus, our streamlined reports allow you to see your team’s progress and identify potential skill gaps with the click of a button.

And we have more exciting updates slated for the near future!

We are currently designing a physical fitness feature as well as other refined tools that allow you to easily see how your team’s training aligns with ISO requirements. We are excited to make these tools available to you later this year.

We understand that as fire leaders and firefighters, you have a lot to track, report, and focus on. Our tools will give you easy access to everything you need to pass your next ISO audit without creating stress or extra work for your team. We’re here to simplify the tracking and reporting side of your training so you can focus on what matters moststaying at your best so you can best protect our communities.

Log into your CareerCert account to access our new courses, and stay tuned for more exciting improvements in the near future!

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