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CareerCert’s 2021 Year in Review

2021 was an exciting year at CareerCert. From adding our ECC certification library to expanding our webinar series see how Fire & EMS professionals stayed up to date in 2021.

CareerCert Expands VR Training to Include Pediatric Assessment

CareerCert has expanded our high-fidelity virtual reality training to include pediatric assessment simulations. Now, emergency departments can provide their personnel with realistic, deliberate practice to improve pediatric patient outcomes anytime, anywhere, and as often as needed.

Exciting Changes to CareerCert in 2021 & How They Will Benefit You

Gear up, because 2021 will be an exciting year! Learn about coming changes to CareerCert in 2021.

21 Improvements CareerCert Made in 2020 & How They Benefit You

From launching virtual reality and scenario training to adding more than 200 free resources, learn about the latest EMS and fire training designed to help you protect your community.

CareerCert Releases Immersive Scenario-Based Courses

CareerCert launched a new type of online course that provides first responders with a unique experience: scenario-based learning. In this training, first responders take an active role in their education as they respond to an emergency scenario just as they would a live call.

Fire and EMS Training Resources + Free CEs to Help During COVID-19

Here are training resources and free CE hours to help EMS and fire departments simplify their life and access the life-saving training they need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CareerCert Releases Safety Library for EMS, Fire & Medical Teams

With the launch of CareerCert’s new safety library, emergency and healthcare departments can now fulfill OSHA requirements, compliance training, and ISO requirements all in one convenient place.

All CareerCert Content Follows NY State Bureau of EMS Guidelines

CareerCert is proud to announce that all of our content is now accepted by the New York State Bureau of EMS. All of our live and self-paced content is CAPCE-accredited and underwritten by a New York State Certified Instructor Coordinator (CIC) to ensure your team can stay compliant, fulfill requirements, and receive training to improve patient outcomes.

CareerCert Partners with PSTrax to Expand Fire Operations Solutions

CareerCert will now be partnering with PSTrax to offer a comprehensive solution for fire and EMS departments to improve outcomes.

CareerCert Expands Fire Offering, Adds HAZMAT Courses

CareerCert has expanded our fire offering, adding 8 new HAZMAT course hours to our library. In addition, we are adding new features and courses to help fire departments easily track toward ISO requirements.

New, In-Depth Courses Released on Building Resilience

CareerCert is thrilled to announce the release of a new 5-part course on resiliency in our library. Learn how to better protect yourself and your team! 

4 Training Plans Improvements to Simplify Team Training

CareerCert’s Training Plans make it easier than ever for administrators to create, assign, and track training for their entire team in one easy place.

New Courses on LGBTQ Awareness, Opioids, and More

We recently released 5 new courses on CareerCert to help your team get critical training. Learn more about these courses and how you can access them.

New Feature Tutorials and Help Articles That Answer FAQs

To empower you to take control of your continuing education and get the most from our platform, CareerCert has been continuously adding and updating help articles for group administrators and individual users to the “Help” section of our website. These articles provide step-by-step feature tutorials that walk you through everything from creating training plans to accessing certificates. 

Exciting Changes to CareerCert in 2020 and How They Will Benefit You

In 2019, we saw a host of exciting changes at CareerCert—but that was only the beginning! We’re continually growing to help you be at your best in your career so that you can better protect and care for those in your communities. Here are some changes to look out for in 2020.

10 Improvements CareerCert Made in 2019 and How They Benefit You

With the exciting growth CareerCert experienced in 2019, our team has remained focused on one goal: helping you improve patient outcomes and better protect your communities. As we look back on the ways CareerCert improved in the past year—from the launch of our new brand to 108 new hours of CE courses—we want to share how these changes help you focus on what matters most: improving outcomes.

Expanded Fire Content

CareerCert is excited to announce an expansion of fire courses within our content library. These highly anticipated courses focus on providing an all inclusive education platform for departments that manage both EMS and Firefighting professionals. These courses serve to help your providers meet continuing education requirements and gain confidence in both of their fields of practice.