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CareerCert Expands VR Training to Include Pediatric Assessment

CareerCert has expanded our high-fidelity virtual reality training to include pediatric assessment simulations. Now, emergency departments can provide their personnel with realistic, deliberate practice to improve pediatric patient outcomes anytime, anywhere, and as often as needed.

Track Your Training, Certifications & Activities in One Easy Place

At CareerCert, we understand compliance encompasses much more than tracking continuing education requirements. That’s why we are excited to announce the release of new and improved tools to help your department track compliance and manage all of your training in one simple place.

CareerCert Profile Updates to Improve Your Online Experience

The CareerCert user profile page is getting a makeover. These updates will build the infrastructure for future exciting improvements to the CareerCert platform that will help us further simplify, streamline, and customize your team’s online training.

4 Training Plans Improvements to Simplify Team Training

CareerCert’s Training Plans make it easier than ever for administrators to create, assign, and track training for their entire team in one easy place.

New Feature Tutorials and Help Articles That Answer FAQs

To empower you to take control of your continuing education and get the most from our platform, CareerCert has been continuously adding and updating help articles for group administrators and individual users to the “Help” section of our website. These articles provide step-by-step feature tutorials that walk you through everything from creating training plans to accessing certificates. 

Updates to Virtual Instructor-Led Courses

Exciting changes are coming to CareerCert’s virtual instructor-led courses. In the coming weeks, your providers will be able to view scheduled class times in their native time zone—previously in EST. 

Chapters in a Course

Introducing Chapters in In-House Courses. CareerCert adds a great new feature to the learning experience.

Member Manager Feature Updates

Here’s some great news for CareerStep group administrators! We have updated our member manager feature, and you now have full control over enrolling your employees in their live NREMT refresher programs.

Assigning Education Is Now Easier with Training Plans

CareerCert’s training plans have simplified the process of assigning education for your department. Just create a training plan with as many courses as you’d like – whether it’s 2 or 20. Then, give the plan a start date and end date, or give each course a separate start date if they need to be completed in a specific order.