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CareerCert Releases New EMS Educator Courses to Help Improve Team Outcomes

CareerCert is thrilled to announce the release of a series of new educator courses designed to help you and your team stay at your best. We understand that for your department to improve patient outcomes, you need content that fits every member of your team, including those responsible for training. These courses will be available at the end of June and provide an essential refresher of the topics outlined in the NAEMSE and NAEMT instructor certifications and cover:

  • Andragogy the Art and Science of Teaching Adults
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques—Concept Mapping and Reflective Journaling
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques—Memory Matrix—Facilitated Drawing
  • Ethics and Personal Mission Statement
  • Introduction and Objectives
  • PowerPoint Best Practices

Now, it’s easier than ever for everyone on your team to find the training they need to meet certification requirements and improve department outcomes. In addition, these courses provide a great avenue for personnel to advance their careers and gain essential skills to help your department increase the effectiveness of your training.

At CareerCert, we are passionate about ensuring your team has the training it needs to better protect your communities. That’s why we have been proactively reaching out to departments to establish regular business reviews so we can better understand your team’s goals and how we can help you achieve them. These courses were a direct result of your feedback, and we look forward to future conversations with you. Look for communication from your customer success manager, and please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

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