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Accessing Certificates

Using CareerCert’s Certificates tool, you can view and print out certificates, email records, and add external training records so you can track all of your training in one convenient place.

National Registry Requirement Information

CareerCert’s products allow you to meet the guidelines of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. We report all of your course completions to CAPCE to make your recertifications as simple as possible.

Navigating the User Dashboard and Profile

In your user dashboard, you can see at a glance the number of hours required for your license, how many hours you’ve earned, your current completion percentage, and any hours you are currently enrolled in so you can easily stay on track.

Password Reset

If you forget your password to log in to CareerCert, you can quickly reset your password by clicking “Forgot Your Password” on the login page.

State Certification Requirement Information

Our team believes that we serve you best by being up to date on the needs for your state license renewal. Learn more about some of the information we have compiled to best answer your questions.

Taking a Live Virtual Instructor-Led Course

VILT classes are live instructor-led courses that are taught on specific dates at specific times. Each class is taught by a certified instructor and written to meet the National Component for NREMT guidelines.

Taking a Self-Paced Course

Self-paced courses are continuing education that you can take online and complete at your own speed. You can easily start and come back whenever it is convenient for you.

Technical Troubleshooting Guide

We’re here to make your continuing education as stress-free and simple as possible. Here are step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting technical issues on CareerCert.

Training Plans

Training Plans allow you to see continuing education your leaders have assigned to you through the CareerCert platform to help you stay prepared and meet recertification requirements.