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A Complete EMS Library

A Complete EMS Library

Advanced EMTCareerCert is dedicated to helping your team be the best they can be while out in the field—that’s why we’ve expanded the course offerings in our EMS library. 

With new and expanded course content, your providers will be able to earn even more continuing education credits from one convenient platform. We know that individual states have particular requirements, and it’s our goal to ensure that each provider is able to earn as many continuing education credits as possible through CareerCert. 

Explore the course library and discover course topics including:

We’re also expanding the following categories with engaging scenario based education to help your providers learn and retain more information:

Stay tuned for even more topics being released in the coming months including:

And remember—as an admin, you’ll also be able to ensure your providers are fulfilling their education requirements by assigning these courses through training plans and checking their progress with our reporting tools. 

Log into your CareerCert portal to find out more about these new courses.