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Track Your Training, Certifications & Activities in One Easy Place

At CareerCert, we understand compliance encompasses much more than tracking continuing education requirements. That’s why we are excited to announce the release of new and improved tools to help your department track compliance and manage all of your training in one simple place.

Whether you are looking for a better way to stay organized or a way to simplify and consolidate reports and tracking, these tools provide all-in-one record management to help your department save time and streamline training.

These updates to our external records feature include:

  • NEW External Activity Records
  • NEW External Certification Records
  • IMPROVED External Training Records

Here’s how these new and improved tools can benefit your department.

NEW: Track Activities & Drills

With CareerCert’s external activity records, you can now track driver training, hands-on drills, physical fitness, and more. This tool allows you to record activities your personnel conduct within a matter of minutes.

NEW: Flexible, Comprehensive Certification Management

Now, you can easily upload certifications earned by your personnel using CareerCert’s platform. This new tool will help your personnel stay on top of certifications by sending expiration notifications, awarding contact or credit hours, and allowing users to easily view and manage certifications from their profile. Stay organized and easily stay on top of certifications with CareerCert.

IMPROVED: Simplified External Records Training Tools

Based on your feedback, we’ve launched improvements to our external training records feature to create a more user-friendly process for importing multiple training records at once. This includes adding the ability to clone an import and reuse all or most of the information, distribute certificates of completion to each training participant, and more.

Support Resources for Your Team

In order to help you get the most from these improvements, here are some help resources for you and your team:

We are here to help you. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team at any time for additional information or support.

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