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Assigning Education Is Now Easier with Training Plans

CareerCert’s training plans have simplified the process of assigning education for your department. Just create a training plan with as many courses as you’d like – whether it’s 2 or 20. Then, give the plan a start date and end date, or give each course a separate start date if they need to be completed in a specific order. You can also upload your own department-specific courses and materials so your team can find all their training and requirements in one convenient place. Finally, assign the plan to any group of employees. That’s it!

Once these plans are set, they can be reused over and over. For example, if you want to select a group of courses for all new employees to complete, just set up a New Employees Training Plan, and assign it to groups of new employees whenever the need arises. If you later identify any new training requirements, simply modify the training plan by adding or removing courses.

Keeping up with specific education is easier than ever with this new feature. Your employees will benefit from your ability to require ongoing progress toward recertification, keeping them on track toward compliance.

Training plans also document the education you’ve planned for your department or agency in a way that’s visible and can be shared with other stakeholders in your organization.

Set a training plan once and use it over and over, or modify it according to your needs while continuing to use the assignments feature for one-off requirements. It’s just one more way CareerCert is accelerating your education management.

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