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CareerCert Profile Updates to Improve Your Online Experience

The CareerCert user profile page is getting a makeover. These updates will build the infrastructure for future exciting improvements to the CareerCert platform that will help us further simplify, streamline, and customize your team’s online training.

Below, you will find answers to commonly asked questions about these updates and how they will benefit your team.

Why is CareerCert making user profile changes?

CareerCert is dedicated to helping your team receive the training they need to improve outcomes all in one convenient place, and these new user profile updates will create an infrastructure that allows us to bring you future tools and enhancements that make it easier to stay on top of your training.

In addition, these changes will make it easier for users to track completions and receive the customized training they need to fulfill their professional and license requirements.

What resources are available to help my personnel navigate these new profile updates?

To help your personnel get the most from these profile improvements, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to manage their user profile in our help resources, which you can access and share at any time.

How does this impact current training plans, administrative access, and reporting for groups?

These profile updates will not impact organization roles, administrative access, training plans, and license reporting. You will still be able to easily manage, track, create, and report on your team’s training, now with the added benefit of new user profile tools.

What changes can I expect?

1. Editable contact options.

Under the new user profile, you will find new contact options. They will create the framework for future customizable notifications concerning their license expiration or training deadlines.

2. The ability to add professions.

We understand that many public safety and healthcare professionals may work in multiple industries and need education that fits all their training needs. The “Professions” section of the profile allows users to add and edit multiple professions so we can better connect learners with the resources and education they need.

3. New security options.

User privacy and security of information are extremely important to us. For this reason, we have added a new “Security” section in the profile where users will be able to view the last time someone logged into their account.

4. Adaptable license and certification options.

We have updated the “License” section of our profile page to include a more robust, detailed view of users’ current licenses and certifications. Here, users will be able to add multiple licenses based on their professions and see their historical licenses alongside their current licenses. In addition, users can easily navigate from this page to see a detailed view of their certificates by clicking on “View license and certification history.”

Later this year, we will release new certification management features that will automatically send users reminders of expiring certifications, similar to our license expiration tracking, to help simplify your education management and keep your personnel prepared.

5. The ability to see organization information.

From the profile page, users will now be able to see their organization’s name, their role in that organization, and their level of administrative access. This helps users see the organizations that have access to their completions and compliance.

6. Coming soon: Improved, customizable notifications.

In the “Notifications” section of the user profile, users can view and manage how they receive notifications on live courses and training plans so they never miss critical training or deadlines. Later this year, CareerCert will provide your team with multiple notification options so your personnel can tailor these communications to best fit their needs. Similar flexibility will be added at the organization level so that you as an administrator can choose when and how to best contact your team.

How does this affect Member Manager for group administrators?

In the third quarter, we will be releasing updates that allow you to more seamlessly add and edit members of your group in Personnel Records. CareerCert wants the administrative part of training and record-keeping to be as simple as possible. Our team is excited about these upcoming changes and we are certain you as a personnel manager will be pleased as well. For now, you will see small changes in Personnel Records when you update licenses or add users.

When will the SMS and certification improvements be made?

We are constantly working to improve your online training and CareerCert experience. We do not have specific dates set for the release of SMS notifications or expanded certification options, but both will occur before the end of this year. We are working hard to incorporate these updates as soon as possible and will notify you when these updates are made so that your team can utilize the new features as soon as they are available.

How will this impact my CareerCert experience in the future?

These improvements will enhance your current and future CareerCert experience by allowing us to better connect your team with the education and tracking they need to stay at their best. In addition, these updates will open the way for future growth and improvements that will help us best create a comprehensive, convenient educational experience. We are grateful to work with you, and we look forward to continuing to work with you to improve outcomes in your community.

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