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Chapters in a Course

Do you wish you could improve the learning process for your department by presenting your material in segments? Would you like to give your staff manageable pieces of a course, which could easily fit into their work days? CareerCert now helps you to do exactly that! 

With our new chapters feature, you can create a course that is a series of chapters. 

Seasoned educators use the technique of “chunking,” or breaking courses up into easily digestible chunks. This is because the brain can only hold so much information at a time, and learners often become mentally fatigued when a subject is presented as a long string of information. Without defined stopping points or breaks, the ability to concentrate and retain information deteriorates as a course progresses.

CareerCert’s new chapters feature helps you to prevent these problems before they start!

Chapters are defined breaks in the learning process. Mastery of the current concept is required to advance to the next chapter, improving the learning process, especially for those advanced topics. Each segment will be tested and evaluated separately, along with a final exam and overall course evaluation. 

Certificates and completion are still only allowed when all chapters have been completed, and accreditation is still managed at the course level.

Try the new chapters feature the next time you build your own in-house training course. We can’t wait to hear how these benefits improve the quality of training for your department!

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