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4 Training Plans Improvements to Simplify Team Training

4 Training Plans Improvements to Simplify Team Training

Fire Chief managing training for his entire department

CareerCert’s Training Plan tools just got a reboot, making it easier than ever for you to create, assign, and track training for their entire team in one easy place. At CareerCert, we are constantly working toward finding solutions to help departments function at their best so they can best protect and care for those in our communities.

In response to your feedback and our desire to make department training as seamless and effective as possible, we’ve made the following updates to the Training Plans feature:

Reuse a Training Plan

How to Copy a Training Plan

Now, administrators can easily duplicate one of their team’s Training Plans by using the “Copy a Training Plan” option. Every administrator can easily use existing Training Plans as a template to create a new one. This makes it easy for administrators to use plans again and again. Keeping your team on top of critical training is now as simple as making a few clicks.

New Training Plan Calculations

Training Plan Calculations Option

We’ve added a new option to our Training Plans that allow you to easily customize how the plan counts courses that fall outside the Train Plan dates. Now, when you create a Training Plan, you will see the “Only Enrollments Within Training Plan Date Range” option that you can toggle on or off. 

If this function is off, the training plan will still count courses that have been completed by your personnel within their current license period, even if these courses fall outside the Training Plan dates. For example, if an EMS provider took a basic airways course in January and you assign them to take that course in March as part as a Training Plan, the plan will calculate that course as already complete. This can help maximize your team’s time and ensure none of their training is redundant.

However, if you choose to turn this function on, all courses taken outside the Training Plan dates will not be counted toward completion of that Training Plan. This function is beneficial in the event of remediation or if you want your team to be synchronized on specific training regardless if they have taken it in the past.

Expanded Reporting

EMS and Fire Training Plan's Reports for CareerCert

We understand that for departments to run smoothly, your training needs to be continuous and the logistics as simple as possible. In order to help administrators easily see their team’s progress on critical training, we’ve split our Training Plans reporting into two digestible reports.

The first report will show administrators an overview of who has completed and who has not completed the assigned Training Plan from their team.

The second report will provide a breakdown with a list of courses each person needs to complete before finishing the Training Plan. These reports give administrators more flexible options while still providing them with the tools they need to keep their whole team functioning at their best. Depending on your administrative access, there are two different ways you can access these reports:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Updated Notifications

Training Plans notifications for first responders

We know that successful departments work under constant communication. In order to help your team stay on the same page, we’ve updated our notifications to provide more frequent, automatic communication about the status of their Training Plans. Now, if you opt into sending your team notifications about Training Plans, they will receive notifications:

  1. When a Training Plan is created (This will include the name of the Training Plan, the due date, and some of the required courses) 
  2. At every new start date within the Training Plan
  3. A week before a Training Plan is due
  4. The day the Training Plan is due

This will provide regular reminders to keep your team’s training on track.

For more information about Training Plans and how they can help elevate and streamline your department’s training, visit our help resources section or contact our customer success team. We’d love to help answer any of your questions: 1-877-458-9498.