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Decompression and De-Escalation of Emotional Scenes

While tragedy can befall anyone, what is frequently considered once-in-a-lifetime events for most, are routine occurrences for first responders. Repeated exposure forms “thick skin” but insufficiently protects against burnout, emotional exhaustion, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). First responders have a 10% increased risk of developing behavioral health conditions such as depression compared to the general […]

How to Recognize Mental Health Distress in Your Department and Yourself

1 in 5 EMS providers experience PTSD symptoms, but researchers estimate it is more pervasive due to underreporting. A culture of toughness encourages sufferers to suppress emotions, deterring them from seeking help. Unfortunately, EMS preferred coping strategies like avoidance increases, instead of decreasing, traumatic stress symptoms. Untreated mental distress evolves into chronic behavioral health conditions […]

Benefits of Using an LMS in Emergency & Healthcare Training

This article discusses how learning management systems can improve patient outcomes within the emergency and healthcare setting by exploring the benefits of learning management systems, how those benefits can solve current challenges in the healthcare industry, and what criteria emergency and healthcare leaders should look for in a learning management system.

Disparity and Delay to Chest Pain Treatment Among Minorities

Researchers have concluded that socio-demographics and clinical factors play a significant role in the delay of definitive care for emergency room visits and requests for pre-hospital care, which impacts a large number of minorities.

The Effective Use of Learning Modalities in Healthcare Education

Healthcare providers need a multifaceted educational solution that matches learning objectives with the appropriate educational modalities (methods of learning) and technologies to make training both effective and accessible.

Integrating Technology into Quality Pre-Hospital and Hospital Improvement Training

Effective training that can improve community outcomes should focus on evidence-based education geared at quality improvement. Emerging online technologies provide new avenues to make this level of training more accessible and adaptable than ever before.

The Impact of Quality Training to Improve Patient Outcomes, Reduce Cost of Medical Error

Healthcare professionals, administrators, and policymakers can work together to change the current healthcare climate and improve patient safety and outcomes. Current research demonstrates that quality improvement training saves resources, reduces error, and improves patient outcomes.

Meal Hacks for Emergency and Healthcare Professionals

Here are a few simple meal hacks that even the busiest emergency and healthcare professional can use to improve their diet and overall health.

On-the-Go Meals for Healthcare & Emergency Professionals

Eating healthy in the workplace can be challenging, especially for healthcare and emergency professionals. Here are some easy meal options to help you build a healthier, happier life.

Dietary Strategies for Shift Workers to Improve Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the US. Following a cardio-protective diet is important for anyone and may be especially important if you’re a shift worker. Learn how you can decrease inflammation and increase heart health with these dietary strategies.

The Critical Need for Online Healthcare Training

With increasing demands on departments, practices, providers, and personnel, the emergency and healthcare industries need training solutions that fit their specific needs. Because the truth is when an emergency hits, it’s difficult to respond if you are stuck in a classroom.

Dietary Supplements Proven to Boost Energy, Promote Sleep

Many shift workers use dietary supplements to boost energy during their shift and sleep better during the day. Learn more about supplements proven to help you perform at your best.

8 Ways VILT Is Transforming Continuing Education

Just as technology is transforming the growth of medical knowledge, it’s also providing solutions to disseminate it in digestible ways. Virtual instructor-led training courses (VILT courses) have been revolutionizing the fire, medical, and EMS communities by providing training that is accessible, engaging, up to date, cost-effective, and, most importantly, improves outcomes.

Dietary Strategies for Shift Workers to Boost Energy

I’ve worked nights both as a CNA at a hospital as well as a military service member at tactical operations centers or guard posts. Currently, I’m a dietitian. While I don’t work nights anymore, there are some key dietary strategies I wish I would have known and implemented when I was a shift worker.