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Hoarding Intervention to Prevent Home Fires Through Fire Training

When it comes to residential fires, those with compulsive hoarding behavior pose a threat to themselves and their property. A study that analyzed fire incidents involving hoarding found that: 35% of people who hoard consider their clutter unhygienic. 38% admitted having fallen in the home as a direct effect of clutter. 47% of people who […]

Dietary Strategies for Shift Workers That Decrease Inflammation and Improve Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the US.1 Following a cardio-protective diet is important for anyone and may be especially important if you’re a shift worker. A large meta-analysis including more than 2 million shift workers found that shift work is associated with a 24% increase in cardiovascular disease.2 Shift work is […]

The Critical Need for Online Healthcare Training and CE Solutions

Explore for IndividualsExplore for Departments With the COVID-19 pandemic reaching more than 150 countries worldwide,1 industries across the nation have recognized the importance of innovative online training and education options—especially within the healthcare and emergency industries. With increasing demands on departments, practices, providers, and personnel, the emergency and healthcare industries need training solutions that fit […]

An Overview of the Firefighting Job Market

Firefighters represent an exciting segment of emergency responder employment. The field is growing, salaries are rising, and, as many EMTs transitioning to the fire industry know, the field can be extremely rewarding.  Let’s take a look at the current state of the firefighting job market and projections for the future. We’ll also take a deeper […]

3 Critical Problems Facing Emergency Responders + One Solution

Despite growing challenges in the EMS and fire industries, emergency responders can sharpen their skills, build competence, and improve outcomes by completing their training, recertifications, and emergency responder courses online with CareerCert. Overview As first responders, we knew signing up that we would face challenges above and beyond the typical job. Death, trauma, danger, increased […]

3 Tips for Promoting Fire Safety in Your Community

One of the most important tasks undertaken by a local fire department is educating community members on the importance of fire safety.  Research conducted by the National Fire Protection Association shows that most members of your community do not understand the risks that fire brings and the proper precautions that should be taken to protect […]

How AI and Advanced Technologies Are Revolutionizing Firefighting

Having the right tools is essential for firefighters to do their jobs. This includes the physical equipment they use every day, the communication skills they develop as a team, their initial fire training, and their ongoing fire CE (continuing education).  But now, artificial intelligence (AI) and a variety of other advanced technologies are changing and […]

5 Light-Weight Tools Firefighters Should Carry During Every Call

Here are 6 essential tools that firefighters should consider carrying on their person to be prepared in any emergency situation.

Dietary Supplements Proven to Help Shift Workers Have More Energy and Get Better Sleep

Many shift workers turn to dietary supplements to boost energy during their shift and sleep better during the day. Supplements can be a valuable part of your plan, but they shouldn’t be your only solution. Supplements won’t make up for poor habits. Exercise, adequate sleep, naps, shift scheduling, and dietary strategies should all be included in your plan to combat the stress of shift work. Simply using caffeine to power through your nights and neglecting other beneficial strategies is a bit like focusing on perfume or cologne as your only approach to personal hygiene. Sure, you’ll smell sweet for a few days, but the grime and body odor will eventually become overpowering. 

Finding Confidence as a Woman Firefighter

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, only 4% of firefighters are women. There’s something to be said for women breaking barriers in male-dominated fields, but as Government Technology has stated, “Even traditionally male occupations like farming and construction management have higher percentages of women than firefighting.” While women in the fire service, especially those struggling with imposter syndrome, can find this disheartening, there is a silver lining.

8 Ways Virtual Instructor-Led Training Is Transforming Continuing Education

Just as technology is transforming the growth of medical knowledge, it’s also providing solutions to disseminate it in digestible ways. Virtual instructor-led training courses (VILT courses) have been revolutionizing the fire, medical, and EMS communities by providing training that is accessible, engaging, up to date, cost-effective, and, most importantly, improves outcomes. Here are just a few ways VILT courses are transforming continuing education and can help you better protect and care for those you serve:

Mass Casualty Incidents: How To Be Prepared

EMS, fire, and law enforcement are all dispatched to a local interstate for a report of a tour bus explosion with no further information available. You arrive on scene where command has already been established and fire suppression is underway. You are directed to the role of EMS command and are directed to where the patients are on the side of the highway. All 54 passengers escaped the bus before flames engulfed it and are now located roadside. Some are walking and uninjured. Others have critical injuries. You instantly realize there are many more resources needed than what you have, and at the same time, you realize this is the largest incident of your career. This is “the one.” Can you handle it?

Dietary Strategies for Shift Workers to Boost Energy and Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease

I’ve worked nights both as a CNA at a hospital as well as a military service member at tactical operations centers or guard posts. Currently, I’m a dietitian. While I don’t work nights anymore, there are some key dietary strategies I wish I would have known and implemented when I was a shift worker. 

Ways to Avoid Paramedic, Firefighter, and EMS Burnout

Emergency personnel have a physically and emotionally demanding job. See how continuing your training and education online can help mitigate some effects of burnout.

5 Ways Continued Training Can Improve Your Firefighter Career

Aside from helping you best protect against loss of life and property, continued training and education can benefit your department personally and professionally in several ways.