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Exciting Changes to CareerCert in 2021 & How They Will Benefit You

Despite a roller-coaster year, in 2020 CareerCert made a lot of exciting improvements—but that was only the beginning! We are already focusing on how we can better support the departments we serve in 2021 and beyond. At CareerCert, our focus is on continual growth so we can better help you protect and care for those in your communities. 

Here are some changes to look forward to in 2021:

Quality course improvements to provide you with the best learning experience.

In 2020, the CareerCert team came together to institute a new rubric to elevate our virtual instructor-led courses in 6 key areas. Earlier that year, we received positive ratings from more than 93% of our learners, and we wanted to identify new areas where we could grow. 

Since then, we have improved our internal course ratings by 51.68%, and we have no plans to slow down in 2021. For this new year, we are determined to improve our virtual instructor-led courses by another 15%. In addition, we plan to create a similar rubric for our self-paced courses and improve the quality by 50%.

Expanded courses to deepen knowledge and new specialty offerings.

While we currently offer more than 400 hours of accredited content you can now access, CareerCert will continue to expand our course offering. In fact, we have new specialty content planned to release throughout the year, including:

    • Wildland firefighting courses
    • Mobile integrated healthcare/community paramedicine courses
    • Public safety leadership courses
    • Non-emergency medical transportation courses

Stay tuned for these exciting developments!

Improved training tools and exceptional service to keep you at your best.

At CareerCert, we are constantly seeking feedback, the latest research, and data-driven insights to inform the improvements we make. It’s our goal to help your department stay on the cutting-edge of industry changes. In 2021, we plan to dive even deeper by launching industry surveys to provide us with statistical feedback so we can continue to grow to meet new demands. With this new information will come improvements to help you consolidate and streamline department training.

In addition, we plan to keep providing you with exceptional customer service, regular business reviews, help resources, frequent communication, and free webinars and articles to help you and your department best protect your community. We look forward to a new year and the opportunity to continue working with you!

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