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21 Improvements CareerCert Made in 2020 & How They Benefit You

At the beginning of 2020, we made a commitment to you. We promised we would continually improve as a company so we could best support you as you protect our communities.

At the time, none of us could predict the full extent of what 2020 would bring. Our team at CareerCert has been humbled and grateful to weather those storms with you. We have been honored to work with you as you’ve protected our communities on the frontlines of this pandemic. Your work and sacrifice inspired us.

As the year continued, we looked at those 5 goals we set at the start of the year, and we decided we would do more to ensure you and your departments received the training and tools you needed to stay at your best. It’s amazing to see how far we have come together.

To celebrate this crazy, unexpected year, we wanted to look back at 2020 to share these changes and how they benefit your team.

New courses that deepen knowledge and skill.

In the course of 365 days, our team added more than 100-course hours to our EMS and fire libraries. From leadership and educator courses to HAZMAT and resilience training, we focused on providing your department with the training they need to meet state, national, and ISO requirements in one easy place. These courses include:

  • 30 new fire hours
  • 90 new EMS hours
  • 13 leader & educator hours
  • 5 COVID-related hours

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Innovative education that improves outcomes.

During 2020, we took e-learning to the next level by adding new modalities to help learners stay engaged and get more from their training. With interactive self-paced courses, case studies, scenario-based learning, 3D modeling, and virtual reality training, now you can better test field readiness and get the deliberate practice necessary to improve outcomes. In 2020, we launched:

Improved tools to streamline department training.

Based on your feedback, we continued to improve our training tools so your department can have an all-in-one training solution. From better notifications and reporting to consolidated tracking, this year saw many improvements that will help us continue to grow in 2021. Some of these changes include:

  • Training plan updates that allow you to:
    • Reuse a training plan
    • Customize training plan calculations
    • Receive more detailed, expanded reporting
    • Provide tailored notifications
  • Updated profiles that allow you to easily track your licenses, certifications, and requirements
  • Expanded external records tracking to keep you compliant and consolidate reporting, including:
    • The ability to track activities, drills, and more
    • Flexible, comprehensive certification management
    • Easy-to-use external records training tools

Refined tools and expanded offerings for fire departments.

In 2019, CareerCert tripled our fire offering. In 2020, we accelerated that growth to provide you with more courses and training solutions than ever before. From new tools to new partnerships, CareerCert continues to expand our fire offering you so you can stay compliant, meet requirements, and receive the training you need to best protect against loss of life and property. In 2020, CareerCert added:

More resources and better service than ever before.

No one knows your department’s needs like you do. That’s why our team set a goal to proactively reach out to discover how we can better support you. In addition, we reduced our customer response time and added new help resources, began offering free webinars on timely topics, and expanded our free articles and tools. Thank you for working together with us this past year so we could provide you with a better training experience. Some highlights from this year include:

  • 85% of clients opted into our business reviews
  • 96% of those who participated found new benefits for their team
  • 150+ free articles released to increase knowledge and skill
  • 18 webinars provided on emerging and critical topics
  • 22 help articles launched that you can access 24/7

This is only the beginning. Learn about our exciting improvements planned for 2021!

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