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CareerCert Partners with PSTrax to Expand Fire Operations Solutions

We are thrilled to announce that CareerCert will now be partnering with PSTrax to offer a comprehensive solution for fire and EMS departments to improve outcomes and easily manage their team’s training and operation checks.

We’ve paired industry-leading training management with industry-leading vehicle, equipment, inventory, and controlled substance checks to ensure you have access to an elite, all-in-one solution for your department. And the best part is everything from certifications to checks is customized to fit your team and help them better protect and care for those in your communities.

Helping Departments Save Lives

“The beautiful thing about this partnership is that both CareerCert and PSTrax align on the same goal: simplifying department logistics so teams can focus on what matters most—saving lives,” says Scott Jensen, CareerCert’s general manager. “Whether it’s helping your team stay compliant or build skill, PSTrax and CareerCert have everything departments need to stay prepared.”

Through CareerCert, your department will have access to engaging online firefighter training created by industry experts with 200+ years of fire and EMS experience. Leaders and educators can easily assign, track, manage, and report all their team’s training in one convenient place. Everyone from firefighters and EMTs to department leaders and educators can find EMS and firefighter courses online that will check competence, build skill, and elevate your department’s performance.

“CareerCert saves our department time and money by enabling us to provide quality continuing education to our staff, no matter where they are, while simplifying all the training documentation,” says Sonja Beck, vice president of Action Care Ambulance. “I highly recommend CareerCert. It’s proven to be an amazing and user-friendly platform.”

With PSTrax, you can automate all your operations checks—Vehicle, SCBA, PPE, Assets, Station, and Controlled Substance—with their easy-to-use system. Your agency will receive a turnkey solution that is customized based on your checklists and inventories. Crew members simply log in and complete the checks due each day. Completed checks are automatically documented and rescheduled. PSTrax also streamlines the communication process by allowing crews to send real-time notifications to the right people when issues arise.

Spring Fire Department in Texas is a mutual client of CareerCert and PSTrax. Watch the video testimonial from their crew members about how their agency used PSTrax and how it has transformed their operations.

Giving Teams the Tools They Need When They Need Them

Working together, PSTrax and CareerCert help departments build smoother, smarter workflows and allow you to access helpful tools anytime, anywhere, using any device.

“We are really excited about this partnership with CareerCert. Our goal at PSTrax is to identify and meet the needs of our clients and continually improve the customer experience we provide,” says Ryan Larson, vice president of business development at PSTrax. “One way we achieve this is by partnering with like-minded companies that can provide increased value to our clients. CareerCert is a perfect example of this. They provide a best-in-class training solution with the same level of customer service that PSTrax clients have come to expect.”

CareerCert and PSTrax are made up of first responders, leaders, and educators all marching toward the same goal—helping departments function at their best so they can best protect their communities. We understand the pressures EMS and fire departments face because we’ve lived it.

That’s why we have come together to find operations and CE solutions to improve the lives of our first responder brothers and sisters. We see our teams as an extension of yours, and we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your department meets your goals so that you can better protect against loss of life and property.

To learn more about how CareerCert and PSTrax can benefit your organization, visit careercert.com and pstrax.com.

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