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10 Improvements CareerCert Made in 2019 and How They Benefit You

With the exciting growth CareerCert experienced in 2019, our team has remained focused on one goal: helping you improve patient outcomes and better protect your communities. As we look back on the ways CareerCert improved in the past year—from the launch of our new brand to 108 new hours of CE courses—we want to share how these changes help you focus on what matters most: improving outcomes.

We launched CareerCert.

CareerCert continues to offer the industry-leading EMS continuing education and management you received with Medic-CE, but we’ve expanded our offering to include fire and non-emergency medical transport courses, with clinical CEs coming in 2020! Now, providers and departments with multiple license types can find training, continuing education, and CE management in one convenient place.

Learn more about our new brand here.

We added 66 EMS CE hours.

In 2020, the world’s medical knowledge is predicted to double every 73 days!1 To keep you up to date and at your best, we added 66 hours of EMS courses, making it easier for you to fulfill state and national requirements in one place. We added course hours in the following categories:

  • Medical—15
  • Cardiology—13
  • Operations—11.5
  • Patient Assessment—6.5
  • Safety—5.5
  • Airway Management and Ventilation—4
  • Trauma—3.5
  • Other—6

Explore our courses here.

We added 36 fire CE hours.

In large communities, 96+ percent of U.S. fire departments provide some level of EMS.2 In 2019, CareerCert tripled our fire course offering—expanding our library from 16 to 57 classes—to help fire personnel and departments better meet ISO requirements and receive critical training that protects communities.

Explore our courses here.

We launched a certification course for non-emergency transportation employees.

The non-emergency medical transportation industry is starting to standardize, and CareerCert was invited to be at the forefront of this change by offering the first national certification program for NEMT professionals. We’re striving to prepare providers for any situation so that patients receive the best level of care from start to finish.

Learn more here.

We gave group administrators more control by updating the Personnel Records feature.

Now, group administrators have full control over their provider’s profiles and enrollments, saving them time and empowering them to easily manage their department’s experience.

Learn more here.

We launched Training Plans to simplify your department’s CE scheduling.

With our new Training Plans, training officers can save time by assigning multiple courses to groups of personnel based on license type, expiration, or criteria specific to your department. You can reuse these plans, making managing your team’s CEs easier than ever and giving you the peace of mind of knowing your providers are getting the training they need.

Learn more here.

We raised our virtual instructor-led courses to a whole new level.

While we pride ourselves on providing quality, accredited courses that meet NREMT requirements, CareerCert continually updates our content to improve learner engagement. This year, we added case studies and enhanced instructor tools to all our virtual instructor-led courses to increase interaction, consistency, and retention. The following programs include 60+ live courses that were updated this year:

  • EMR
  • EMT
  • AEMT
  • Paramedic
  • CCT

Whether you are recertifying for the first, second or tenth time, CareerCert helps providers learn new and engaging information and improves their level of care.

Learn more here.

We launched Fire Progress Reports to help departments track compliance.

With CareerCert’s Fire Progress Reports, administrators can now track their department’s progress toward meeting ISO, state, or department-specific fire CE. Now, tracking your department’s training and compliance is simple, and you can find all the reports you need in one convenient place in the event of an audit.

We made in-house content more versatile by adding chapters.

With our new chapters feature for in-house courses, you can provide important, department-specific information in a more digestible format. Ensure your personnel master foundational concepts with chapters that reinforce crucial topics, clear up confusion, and allow you to see where your providers might be struggling so you can provide correction early on.

Learn more here.

We added feature tutorials to provide 24/7 access to frequently asked questions.

To empower you to take control of your continuing education and get the most from our platform, we added help articles for group administrators and individual users that you can access anytime. These articles walk you through everything from creating training plans to accessing certificates, and we plan to add more as our company and offerings continue to grow. We’re here to help any way we can. If you have any questions, please call (877) 458-9498.

Explore our new resources here.

The changes CareerCert saw in 2019 are only the beginning. Each year, we strive to improve and grow so we can help you improve and grow in your career, and we have exciting plans for 2020. We know that when you are at your best, your patients and our communities can be at their best, too.

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  2. Evarts B, Stein G. U.S. Fire Department Profile 2017. NFPA Research. March 2019:21.
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