Emergency Life Support

Learn more about the fundamentals of emergency life support, including BLS and CPR, AEDs, and ACLS.

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Neprilysin and Heart Failure

There’s a treatment of HF that combines the benefits of an ARB without the side effects of an ACEi, along with inhibiting neprilysin. Learn more!

Conscious Sedation for Cardioversion

No matter the location, DCCV is an uncomfortable procedure. Learn about conscious sedation for cardioversion and keeping patients comfortable.

AEDs – Special Circumstances

There are some situations that could occur that are outside the “normal” patient care scenario when using an AED. Learn what to do in those situations.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the Hs and Ts

Many causes of cardiac arrest are reversible. These conditions are often referred to by the mnemonic “Hs and Ts.” Review the Hs and Ts.

The Evolution of CPR

CPR has come a long way since it was first introduced. See the history and evolution of this valuable life-saving technique.


THROMBINS2 is the cue to help guide care when treatment for ACS is quickly needed. Learn about this mnemonic device for treating ACS.