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CareerCert Releases Safety Library for EMS, Fire & Medical Teams

With the launch of CareerCert’s new safety library, emergency and healthcare departments can now fulfill OSHA requirements, compliance training, and ISO requirements all in one convenient place.

These comprehensive courses will help your personnel recognize hazards, avoid preventable accidents, report incidents, and improve efficiency. 

Whether you want to bring new hires up to date on crucial safety training or provide annual education for your entire team, these online resources will help you easily disseminate, track, and report on your team’s safety training. There’s no need to stress tracking down documentation or bringing your whole team together. With CareerCert you can assign and track all your team’s CEs, training, and compliance with the click of a button.

These new courses offer 23 hours of critical training for safety officers and personnel that keep your team compliant and prepared. Every module is mobile-friendly and meets OSHA 29 CFR 1910 regulations so your team can get the training they need whenever and wherever it works best for them. Over half of these courses also qualify for CAPCE-accredited CE hours your personnel can apply toward their licensure.

This new library will provide thorough and interactive training on:

  • Safety Library Courses for EMS, fire, and healthcare teamsActive Shooter Response
  • Back Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Bloodborne and Airborne Pathogens
  • Control of Hazardous Energy: Lockout/Tagout
  • Electrical Safety
  • Fire Prevention and Safety
  • First Aid
  • New Worker Safety Orientation
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Respiratory Safety
  • Safety Attitudes & Actions
  • Safety and Health Program Management
  • Slips, Trips, & Falls
  • Workplace Violence: Warning Signs and Prevention

For more information, please reach out to our team.

Learn, Rehearse, Perform

We understand that when it comes to the health and safety of your team, you deserve the very best education. That’s why we are providing you with industry-leading safety training that helps your team create individualized safety performance plans and strategies.

The materials for each of these courses are broken into 3 sections that help your team: 

  1. Learn essential safety information independently
  2. Practice and activate new knowledge with on-the-job exercises that provide valuable feedback
  3. Apply new skills by creating personal performance commitments that each employee can download, save, and reference in the future

These engaging workplace safety training modules will help emergency and healthcare providers think critically about how safety standards apply to their unique workplace situation so that they can better prepare for and prevent crucial safety concerns.

Flexible, Interactive Courses

EMS and healthcare safety training

Each safety course is broken into 7 to 10-minute self-paced chapters your team can easily fit around their schedule. These chapters present the content in bite-sized segments that improve retention so your employees can more efficiently and automatically recall information in critical moments.

As with all of CareerCert’s online training, our safety courses are highly interactive and will keep your personnel engaged from start to finish. We also provide detailed knowledge checks and reports that will allow you to identify and mitigate any knowledge gaps so you can know your entire team is prepared.

We’re Here to Help

At CareerCert, we’re here to keep your team at their best so they can improve outcomes for your department. We understand that the health and safety of emergency and healthcare professionals impact the health and safety of our communities. That’s why we strive to bring you quality education that protects you, your personnel, and your patients. In addition to our safety training, we provide firefighter courses online, non-emergency medical transport training, and DICO, paramedic, AEMT, and EMT certification courses online.

If you have any questions about these new courses or would like details about purchasing options for your team, we would love to help. Please reach out to us at CareerCert.com/safety-library-request/.

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