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Webinar: Accredited Training Solutions Customized to Meet Your Needs

Join CareerCert to understand the easiest way for your team to get the quality, accredited training and certifications they need in one convenient place. You can trust that our courses offer the education you need. Expert-led certifications and accredited continuing education keep you up to date, helping you protect your community.

CareerCert is trusted by thousands of EMS and fire chiefs, training officers, and personnel across the country. CareerCert helps emergency departments stay compliant, meet requirements, save costs, stay organized, and improve training outcomes. We understand that when first responders have access to quality training they are better prepared to protect our communities. That’s why we’ve paired the latest learning technologies with the best online training tools to create an all-in-one, customizable training solution for your team.


With CareerCert you can:

    Manage your team’s training, licenses, and certifications in one place.
    Create, track and report on training customized to fit your department’s needs.
    Access accredited engaging courses anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
    Improve your productivity and impact on the community all while reducing risk.
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