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Using Scenario-Based Training to Improve EMS Outcomes

How can your personnel gain critical experience efficiently, quickly, and safely? One answer is scenario-based education, which Dr. Ruth Colvin Clark describes as “job experience in a box.”

Learn how you can provide your department with real-life training scenarios that improve patient outcomes in this engaging webinar where CareerCert and 911 eLearning Solutions discuss the benefits of scenario-based learning and how you can successfully implement cutting-edge training techniques that provide focused, deliberate practice.

Kelly Kirk HeadshotL. Kelly Kirk III—AAS, BS, MSEd—is the president and CEO of 911 e-Learning Solutions, LLC in Thomasville, NC, and has been an active paramedic since 1994. Having developed online EMS courses since 2000, he is recognized throughout North Carolina as a pioneer in online learning for emergency services. In his quest to improve distance education as a whole, he has served on and with multiple state-level committees and organizations, received a master’s degree in instructional design for online learning, and is nearing completion of his Ph.D. in instructional design for online learning.


David M. Robertson is a photographer, videographer, voiceover artist, and musician who has been developing e-Learning content with 911 e-Learning Solutions since 2017. He is based in High Point, NC, and studied at UNC-Greensboro’s School of Media Studies.



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