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Webinar: Mastering Situational Awareness in EMS and Fire

Situational awareness is key to your safety, the safety of your partner, and the safety of your patient.

As first responders, perception and collecting information are vital to our job. But how can we develop the skills necessary to identify on scene the puzzle pieces that will improve outcomes for our patients and team? How do we build situational awareness?

In this webinar, veteran paramedic and firefighter Rick Campos discusses the keys to building situational awareness as a first responder.

About the Presenter

Rick Campos began his career in emergency services while serving in the United States Air Force. After his enlistment, Ricardo became a firefighter/EMT for a small fire department in Northern California and later obtained a paramedic license and an associate’s degree in fire science.

In 2015, Rick became a civilian company officer for a federal fire department in Northern California that is made up of both active-duty military and civilian personnel. During his employment, he has achieved his bachelor’s degree in emergency management and has been teaching for CareerCert since 2015.


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