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Using CareerCert’s Assignments tool, you can easily assign your team new training, run basic reporting, re-enroll your users in failed enrollments, and notify students who are past due on their assignments.

Certificate and Evaluation Templates

Certificate templates are used with in-house courses or exams that you build inside of the platform. Existing templates can be managed here or new ones created.

External Activity Record

Want an easy way to track training activities for your department? Check out CareerCert’s tools for EMS and fire departments.

External Certification Records

With CareerCert, you can seamlessly manage and import external certification records following these few easy steps.

External Training Records

CareerCert allows you to import external training records so you can track all of your team’s training in one convenient place and access reports that allow you to see at a glance what training your team has completed.

Group Administration Dashboard

Easily see crucial training information for your team using the Administration Dashboard. New assignments, expiring courses, or department-wide notifications will appear under the Notifications section on the Administration Dashboard.

In-House Courses

In-house courses are a way to upload and disseminate content to your employees that they can conveniently access and complete online using the CareerCert platform.

In-House Exams

In-house exams help you assign your personnel online exams for in-person training. In-house exams are an effective way to test your team’s comprehension on essential training.

In-House VILT Courses

In-house VILT courses allow you to easily distribute live training to your department online. To create an in-house VILT course, click on “In-House VILT Courses” on the left-hand toolbar.

Manage Training Plans

Training plans allow you to easily assign, manage, track, and report on important training for your team. They offer many tools that allow you to customize your training based on provider type, certification expirations, rank, district, etc.


Notifications allow you to easily send documents, training, reports, emails, and much more to your personnel all from within the platform.

Personnel Records

Personnel Records allow you to easily upload and edit information about your personnel, in addition to viewing progress reports and certificates so you can know your team has the training they need.


CareerCert’s Reports allow you to access critical information to help you identify knowledge gaps and make data-driven decisions that will improve your department’s outcomes.

Schedule a Live Course

CareerCert’s platform helps you manage employees attending a live course and assign those employees an exam that you don’t have to manually grade.

VILT Gradebook

Easily monitor employees taking live refreshers using CareerCert’s VILT Gradebook. This will help you easily view how your personnel perform on their VILT courses.