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You can assign individual courses from our course libraries or your own in-house courses to your providers. To access assignments, click on “Assignments” on the left-hand panel. From the assignments page, you can view or edit current and new assignments. You can also run basic reporting for current or expired assignments, re-enroll your users in […]

Certificate and Evaluation Templates

Certificate Templates To access templates, click on “Certificate Templates” in the left-hand navigation. Certificate templates are used with in-house courses or exams that you build inside of the platform. Existing templates can be managed here, or new ones created. To create a new template, click the green “New Certificate Template” button at the top. When […]

External Training Records

You can manage and import external training records. This is done through the “External Record Imports” and “External Record Reports.” Both options can be found in the left-hand navigation bar. Importing External Training Records Clicking the “External Record Import” button gives you the ability to upload records from any class attended outside of the CareerCert […]

Group Administration Dashboard

Group administrators have all of the same tabs that a student will have, in addition to administration feature tabs. Your account may look different depending on what your group purchased with CareerCert. Please feel free to reach out to CareerCert support for any questions or assistance. If you would like to request enhancements or new […]

In-House Courses

In-house courses are a way to disseminate content to your employees that they can consume through the platform. If you are teaching in a classroom setting but want to do the exams online, use the in-house exam feature. To build an in-house course, click the “In-House Courses” tab. To build a new course, click “Build […]

In-House Exams

In-house exams help you provide online exams for training you are teaching in a classroom setting. The setup of the exam works very similarly to creating in-house courses except no course slides are uploaded. To begin, click the “In-House Exams” button on the left-hand navigation. Any in-house exams you’ve already built will be listed here. […]

Managing Training Plans

Training plans can be used to assign several courses to your employees at once. To access training plans, click on “Manage Training Plans” in the left-hand navigation after logging into your account. From the training plans page, you can view your existing training plans or create a new one. Click “New Training Plan” to create […]


To send notifications to your employees, you can use the notifications tab. Click “Notifications” in the left-hand column. Notifications are listed below. To create a new notification, click the green “New Notification” button at the top. You can add documents to your notification message. Add a subject and the message you want to send. After […]

Personnel Records

You can manage your employees and their progress using Personnel Records. Click on the “Personnel Records” tab from the left-hand column of the dashboard. Use the filters at the top to find the employee or group of employees you’d like information on. Hitting the “Completion Report” button will display information based on the information you […]


To access reports, click the “Reports” button in the left-hand column. The report shows enrollment records for each employee in your organization. You can use the filters to narrow the results to specific employees, license types, enrollment statuses, and/or courses you want to look at. Once you have narrowed things down to what you want […]

Schedule a Live Course

Before scheduling a live course, make sure you have created an in-house exam already. At the end of any course you teach in-person, there should be an exam. CareerCert’s platform helps you manage employees attending a live course and assign those employees an exam that you don’t have to manually grade. This should eliminate some […]

VILT Gradebook

If you have employees taking live refreshers, you can monitor their progress using the VILT Gradebook. To get there, click the “VILT Gradebook” button in the left-hand column of the dashboard. You will first select the refresher that you would like to review. If any employees are enrolled, their name, email, and grades (if any) […]