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Investing in continuing education can help your department improve outcomes, reduce error rates, and lower insurance claims while increasing job satisfaction and decreasing turnover among your team. At CareerCert, we’ll provide your team with the agency solutions they need to best protect and care for those you serve.

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At CareerCert, we know your work is vital, and we’re here to prepare your team for critical situations. Over the past 20 years, our courses have helped over 100,000 EMS, fire, and clinical providers perform at their best and better care for those they serve. All our content is reviewed and approved by the appropriate continuing education accreditation agencies.

We’ll help your department improve outcomes through innovative continuing education for emergency and medical providers that builds confidence and elevates competence. With our intuitive platform, you’ll save time and stress by easily managing and tracking your team’s continuing education and training in one convenient place. And our team of certified industry professionals will be here to support you at every step as we march toward the same goal together—saving lives.

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When it comes to continuing education for emergency and medical providers, we offer a wide range of tools and resources to help your team meet state and national requirements and stay current on changing best practices. Having access to the latest webinars, training, medical articles, industry best practices, and courses will allow your providers to best protect your community. 

In the field or on a call, Careercert provides your team with more than their certifications thanks to our free resources and CE management tools designed to keep your team at their best.

CareerCert saves our department time and money by enabling us to provide quality  continuing education to our staff, no matter where they are, while simplifying all the training documentation. I highly recommend CareerCert. It’s proven to be an amazing and user-friendly platform.


Sonja Beck
Vice President, Action Care Ambulance

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