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For the past 20 years, CareerCert has helped emergency departments stay compliant, meet requirements, save costs, stay organized, and improve training outcomes. We understand that when first responders have access to quality training they are better prepared to protect our communities. That’s why we’ve paired the latest learning technologies with the best online training tools to create an all-in-one, customizable training solution for your team. Experience how CareerCert can transform your department’s training by scheduling a demo today!

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“CareerCert has made it extremely cost-effective for me to get all the training my team needs. It’s helped us streamline our process, stay compliant, and validate our onboarding education and certifications.”

— Andy SchultzChief Operating Officer of SuperiorCare Ambulance

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“My favorite part about CareerCert is that it has made my job and our department’s education so much easier. I can put more energy into actually training our personnel.”

— Clinton MinerBattalion Chief for South Ogden Fire Department

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“I highly recommend CareerCert. … It gives you one learning management system where you can do everything for your company.”

— Shaunna KingClinical Director of Falck Rocky Mountain Ambulance

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“With CareerCert, there is no questioning whether a class met NREMT or NCCP requirements. It’s a lot easier to stay organized in the department and saves a lot of time.”

— Gregg JillsonFirefighter with Saylesville Fire Department

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 “CareerCert has given us the ability to rapidly put out information and rapidly evaluate whether certain members of our staff have viewed it. It is our go-to place for online education and information.”

— Dan CohenCaptain of Clinical Practices at Williamson County EMS

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“CareerCert’s ACLS course and all the online materials are really, really good. Not only that, but the benefit of having the resource available to reference for years afterward and maintaining that online access provides important review and keeps those skills sharp. Their course would be recommended.”

— Bryan BalentineMD

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We’re here to provide you with the latest training solutions to build field readiness in your department. Our training tools allow you to create, manage, and report on all the training your team needs to best protect your community.