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Free Webinar: Naloxone Administration and the Opioid Crisis

Free Webinar: Naloxone Administration and the Opioid Crisis

Naloxone being used after opioid overdose


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In 2017, President Donald Trump declared the opioid crisis a “public health emergency.” While this is not the first drug crisis in America, it is the deadliest and most costly in terms of lives lost, decreased life expectancy, lost productivity, crime, violence, and the devastating impact of addiction on families and communities. The National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that in 2018, 128 people died every day in the United States after overdosing on opioids.

As first responders and healthcare providers, we are on the frontlines of the opioid crisis. With an increase in opioid-related incidents, we also experience increased hazards and changing best practices when it comes to caring for those with a suspected opioid overdose. Learn about the current state of the opioid crisis, the potential risks for treating a patient with opioid overdose, and proper protocols for administering naloxone in our free webinar.


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