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Free Webinar: Disaster Preparedness for Essential Personnel

From 1970 to 2019, the number of annual global disasters more than quadrupled (EM-DAT). In the United States, billion-dollar disasters are escalating. Since 2017, natural disasters have cost the United States almost $457 billion dollars (NOAA). National emergencies tax our EMS services, fire departments, hospitals, and ER resources. Staying personally and professionally prepared for the next disaster is no longer a precaution but a necessity that is crucial to the health and safety of our communities.

Disaster preparedness is especially important for essential personnel who are tasked with not only caring for families and friends but also protecting and caring for the communities we serve.

When you are working round the clock after a hurricane, during a fire, or during a pandemic, you need to know those you love are taken care of so you can do your best caring for others. In this webinar, you will learn how to create and communicate a disaster and emergency response plan with your family so you can have peace of mind knowing they are prepared.

This webinar is the introduction to a series of personal preparedness courses CareerCert created to help first responders and medical providers access the tools they need to keep their families safe. Check out our course library for more paramedic, EMT, and firefighter training you can access online.

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