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At CareerCert, we focus on matching the latest, research-based education with the best training modalities to improve patient outcomes. We meticulously update and review our courses to increase engagement and ensure your team gets the best training experience.

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Virtual Reality Training

As an interactive technology, virtual reality is transforming emergency and healthcare training. CareerCert’s high-fidelity virtual reality powered by Health Scholars allows teams to:

  • Easily and accurately measure provider skill and clinical readiness
  • Assign targeted, realistic VR training to improve provider care
  • Save up to 83% on simulation-based training costs 
  • Refresh provider knowledge and skill in all of the AHA core rhythms
  • Provide consistent yet flexible training personnel can easily access 24/7

Explore how ACLS virtual reality can provide your team with deliberate practice and targeted feedback to improve patient outcomes.

Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced learning connects personnel with the tools they need to learn independently, on the time and schedule that works best for them. With CareerCert’s CAPCE-accredited, online courses, your team can conveniently:

  • Engage in interactive training anytime, anywhere on their phone or laptop
  • Review best practices in short, digestible segments that improve retention
  • Easily assess, track, and report on CE hours and provider comprehension
  • Provide essential practice to improve provider competence
  • Reflect on and receive feedback to improve patient outcomes

Check out our flexible, interactive courses and learn how they can streamline training for your department.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

CareerCert’s virtual instructor-led training (VILT) courses are CAPECE-accredited, taught by industry experts, and meet all the National Registry certification requirements to ensure your personnel receive the education they need to improve outcomes. With our VILT courses, your department can:

  • Interact with licensed instructors with 200+ years of experience
  • Complete all the training for national certifications in one easy place
  • Connect with providers across the nation and receive real-time feedback
  • Save time, money, and stress by completing critical training from home
  • Deepen knowledge, build skill, and elevate patient care

Discover how virtual instructor-led training can help your team receive quality training when and how it works best for your personnel.

Scenario-Based Education

Scenario-based training allows learners to take an active, lead role in shaping their education. With CareerCert’s scenario-based courses, students will:

  • Gain critical thinking skills as they navigate complex, real-life scenarios
  • Receive immediate feedback to improve their level of care
  • Actively apply, gain, and practice provider knowledge in a safe environment
  • Easily engage in learning tailored to their needs and schedule
  • Develop crucial teamwork skills to improve department outcomes

Learn how our scenario-based courses can help your personnel stay at their best so they can best protect your community.

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