Improve Patient Outcomes with Virtual Reality Training

CareerCert’s pediatric assessment and ACLS virtual reality training powered by Health Scholars prevents critical skill decay and improves patient outcomes through training that is realistic, convenient, clinically accurate, and provides tailored, measurable feedback.

Through our virtual reality training, your department can:

  • Improve patient outcomes through consistent, accessible, high-fidelity training
  • Save 50% to 83% on simulation-based training cost
  • Refresh provider skill in pediatric assessment and all of the AHA core rhythms
  • Easily access immersive pediatric and ACLS practice and targeted feedback 24/7
  • Manage and report on provider improvement and clinical readiness

CareerCert’s virtual reality training provides another layer of convenient, accessible, and cost-effective training to help your team stay at their best so they can best protect your community.

We’d love to speak with you about how CareerCert can best improve outcomes for your team. Give us a call at (877) 458-9498.

Benefits of VR Training

Help your team get the quality training they need to improve patient outcomes with CareerCert!


Quality Education That Save Lives

Provide your team with high-fidelity training, practice, and feedback that prepares them to provide exceptional emergency care.

VR Training That Fits Your Schedule

Easily manage and track your provider’s knowledge and skill with industry-leading virtual reality they can easily access 24/7.

Service That Ensures Success

Our team is an extension of yours. We’ll help you at every step to ensure your team gets the training they need to best protect those you serve.