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Technical Troubleshooting Guide

Technical Troubleshooting Guide

We’re here to make your continuing education as stress-free and simple as possible.  Below, you will find step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting technical issues on CareerCert. If you need additional help, check out our help resources—which provide 24/7 access to feature tutorials and answers to commonly asked questions—give us a call at (877) 458-9498, or email us at careercertsupport@carruslearn.com.

I am getting an error when I try to launch a self-paced course. (Missing Key Error)

For a missing key error, follow the steps below based on the device and browser you are using:




Google Chrome

I cannot click on the take exam button after finishing the class.

Click the “Complete Course” button on the last slide and wait up to 30 seconds for the take exam button to turn green. 

What if no “Complete Course” button appears?

Click on the “X” (close) button to close the course after finishing the last slide. 

A white screen will appear and say “Complete.”

Shortly after, the “Take Exam” button will turn from red to green.