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External Training Records

CareerCert gives you the ability to upload records from any class attended outside of the CareerCert platform (External Records). You can manage and import external training records.

This is done through the “Certificates” tab in the left-hand navigation bar.

Click the “Add External Record” button.

Select the “External Training Record” option.

Select the appropriate profession.

Here, you can include information about the course. You can also upload a certificate, a roster, a certification card, etc. Most file types are accepted, including xls, csv, pdf, doc, png, jpeg, and more.

The “Select Licenses” field can hold more than one option, so you can add multiple relevant licenses here.

Note that either “CE Credit Hours” or “CE Contact Hours” information needs to be entered.

Then hit either “Save” to finish or “Save & Add Another” to quickly return to start a new additional training record.