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Taking a Live Virtual Instructor-Led Course

VILT classes are live instructor-led courses that are taught on specific dates at specific times. Each class is taught by a certified instructor and written to meet the National Component for NREMT guidelines. The classes are each 2 hours, including the time it takes to complete your exam after the class.

Our calendar application will display the class start times in the time zone that you have selected on your profile. You can easily make a change to your selected time zone in your profile at any time. Please note: All US time zones are available to select on your profile. If you are outside those available options, we suggest you select a time zone from which you can easily convert the calendar information into your local time zone.

If you wish to receive email notifications reminding you of when your scheduled live class is starting, you can also manage this setting in your profile.

How do I sign up for a virtual instructor-led course?

To access virtual instructor-led courses, click on the “Live Course Calendar” in the left-hand navigation on the dashboard.

If you have not purchased access to virtual instructor-led training, you can still review the courses offered. Purchases can also be made through the dashboard.

Each class offered for your refresher is listed here. Click on any course title to see available time slots and to schedule a time to take the course.

From this screen, you can schedule the time that works for you. After you’ve chosen a time, click on “Click to Close” to save the time to your calendar.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you miss a scheduled class, it does not count against you. You will simply have to reschedule and attend the next available class. When you complete a live course, it will disappear from your live course calendar, but you can see all the courses you have completed by selecting the title of your refresher. For example, if you select “EMT Refresher Program,” this will show you all the available classes. The courses highlighted in green are the ones you have already completed.

From your Calendar you can see what courses you have scheduled and which still need to be scheduled. When you are ready to attend a class or take an exam, click on the scheduled class.

How do I join or access a class?

On the day of your class, click the “Join” button. We recommend joining 30 minutes before the scheduled start time if possible. This provides time to troubleshoot any potential problems with accessing the classroom without having to reschedule the class.

To access each class, you need a good internet connection and Adobe Connect (a free download your computer will prompt you to download as soon as you click the “Join” button). For accreditation purposes, participation is required in the live classroom. Plan to respond to polls, questions, and surveys from the instructor. If you do not participate in the classroom, the instructor may engage you personally as they are required to only open the exam for students who participated in the class.

How do I take my exam after the class is complete?

After you complete the class portion of your course, you can access the exam by going to your “Live Course Calendar” in the left-hand navigation on the dashboard, and select the course that you have just completed (which will appear in yellow). Once you have selected the course, select the “Take Exam.”

What happens if I fail the exam?

You are allowed 3 attempts per course exam, if you fail the exam three times then you need to reach out to support at careercertsupport@carruslearn.com to notify them you have failed the exam 3 times. Once the support team has been notified, you will be placed in what is called remediation. 

If you are placed in remediation, our clinical education staff will review your exam to determine if verbal remediation must be completed. If not, the exam will be unlocked for 3 more attempts, and you will receive a notification in your student account.

At this point you will be contacted by our clinical education staff as to what will be done.

How do I access my certificate?

If you purchased an entire refresher program, your certificate will not appear in the “Certificates” tab until you have finished the entire program. Once you complete the last 2-hour class, your certificate for the entire program will show up in your “Certificates” tab.