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Why Quality Makes a Critical Difference in Emergency Response Education

In the face of employee turnover, accelerating medical knowledge, increasing 911 calls, and national emergencies, online education and training has become a convenient and intuitive solution for first responders and medical providers tasked with taking care of more patients with less downtime than ever before. The quick access to information, flexible scheduling, and cost savings online options provide are compelling, but should these be the only things we consider?

At CareerCert, we understand that online education and training should not only be convenient but should be focused on improving patient outcomes.

Because when it comes to critical life-and-death situations, quality matters.

In a study comparing online to in-person medical education, Cheryl Fisher and William A. Sadera noted that there is “no significant difference in learning outcomes between distance and face-to-face environments.”1 But here’s an essential caveat: “providing the courses are designed using appropriate pedagogy and appropriate application of learning theory.”1 Fisher and Sadera note how easy access to online learning has led to an explosion of options, many of which do not incorporate educational best practices or focus on quality improvement.

At CareerCert, we understand that any education, whether traditional or online, cannot result in the best outcomes unless that education is delivered by industry experts using the best technology, the best modalities, and the best practices. That’s why our EMS online education, medical certifications, firefighter courses, and other training are designed by industry experts with over 200 years of combined experience. And that’s why our content is constantly updated and reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board to include emerging best medical practices and educational techniques.

See what our learners are saying about our online paramedic refreshers, EMT-basic recertifications, and AEMT online education:

See what our learners are saying about our online paramedic refreshers, EMT-basic recertifications, and AEMT online education

We are meticulous about examining evaluation and assessment data to continually improve our online content, and we proactively search for emerging research and technologies that help emergency and medical teams improve patient outcomes. We believe in engaging our learners to ensure that every provider comes away with deepened confidence and competence.

With each course we provide, we not only design our education to fit your needs and schedule we also craft the content to include multiple learning modalities that help learners engage, reflect, think critically, and retain life-saving information. This multimodal education includes:

  • Scenario-based learning
  • Virtual instructor-led courses
  • Case studies
  • Virtual reality
  • Self-paced education
  • Interactive technologies
  • Community discussions
  • Videos, visuals, and other audio-visual materials
  • Knowledge checks
  • And more.

Our team intimately understands what Thomas L. Rodziewicz and John E. Hipskind note in their book Medical Error Prevention:  “Teamwork, education, and training through structured initiatives are the most effective mechanism to improve patient safety.”2

That’s our goal here at CareerCert, and we are honored to work with you to save lives and improve patient outcomes.

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