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Webinar: When a Psychiatric Complaint turns Into Hemorrhagic Shock

In this webinar, UT Southwestern and CareerCert partner to bring EMS professionals around the world a look at an interesting 911 call for a psychiatric complaint. The situation turns into hemorrhagic shock from an unlikely source. In this webinar, we discuss the clinical and operational challenges of this case, including the rapid evolution of the disease, therapy provided, destination decisions, and the challenges faced by the emergency personnel at the hospital.


  • Review the assessment component of a psychiatric chief complaint
  • Discuss the basic pathophysiology of gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Recognize the essential aspects of patient reassessment by EMS
  • Review the treatment of the patient in hemorrhagic shock
  • Learn the pathophysiology of nigella sativa intoxication
  • Examine the destination decisions in patients with psychiatric and medical complaints
  • Recommend operational solutions to managing complex mixed psychiatric/medical complaints



About the Presenters

Dr. Gil Salazar
Dr. Gil Salazar is an associate professor of Emergency Medicine at UT Southwestern. He serves as the medical director of EMS education and oversees both initial and continuing education of area EMS professionals. He practices clinically at Parkland Hospital Emergency Department. Dr. Salazar is dually board-certified in Emergency Medicine and EMS and serves as core faculty for the Emergency Medicine Residency and the EMS Fellowship programs of UT Southwestern Medical Center​. He is the creator of Campus Emergency Preparedness and Survival Training (Campus EPAST)SM. His main goal is to improve the quality of education in the management of natural and human-made disasters.

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