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Pediatric Emergencies: Trauma & Cardiac Conditions

Traumatic injuries are the leading cause of death for pediatric patients in the United States. Though pediatric emergencies make up a small percentage of EMS calls, staying up to date on special considerations for pediatric patients is crucial to providing life-saving care. Watch our pediatric emergency webinar where we will discuss important considerations for pediatric patients experiencing trauma or cardiac conditions.

During the webinar, we will cover:

  • Assessment techniques for pediatric trauma patients.
  • Signs and symptoms related to specific injuries in pediatric patients.
  • Appropriate management techniques for pediatric trauma patients.
  • Cyanotic vs. acyanotic circulatory complications.
  • Neonatal heart defects and pediatric cardiac arrest treatment.
  • The 2020 AHA guideline changes concerning pediatric patients.

Watch our webinar to learn how you can improve pediatric patient outcomes as a provider.

About the Presenter:

Paul Giannini started his public safety career in 1983 as a volunteer EMT in Trumbull, Connecticut, where he grew up. He became a volunteer firefighter in 1984 and attended paramedic school in 1985. While in Connecticut, he worked as a career firefighter-paramedic, training and quality improvement manager, and was an instructor at multiple EMS programs. He moved to eastern Pennsylvania in 2001, where he started a career in the medical device business while maintaining a second full-time job as a paramedic and volunteering as a firefighter. He held various leadership positions in EMS and was the business development coordinator for the critical care transport program at Lehigh Valley Health Network until 2013. In his 36-year career, Paul has held various leadership positions in fire and EMS agencies. He currently works as the director of clinical services for ZOLL Cardiac Diagnostics in Pittsburgh. He is still active in public safety as a part-time paramedic for Monroeville Fire Company #1 and Penn State EMS. He has been teaching for CareerCert since March 2016.

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