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Free Webinar: Streamline Team Training in 3 Easy Steps

Free Webinar: Streamline Team Training in 3 Easy Steps

Fire Chief managing training for his entire department


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The number of emergency calls fire departments receive has tripled in the last 30 years.1 In addition, it’s estimated the world’s medical knowledge doubles every 73 days.2 Keeping your providers current and prepared for the next call is more vital and more overwhelming than ever before.

With CareerCert, you have access to a simple and comprehensive training solution that ensures your team stays up to date on the latest training, continuing education, and certifications. 

We developed training plans around the idea that setting up training for your team should be easy, consistent, and customizable. 

With CareerCert’s training plans, you’ll be able to:

Learn how to easily set up training for your team in our webinar “How to Streamline Your Training in 3 Easy Steps.”

To learn more about the EMS online education,  online firefighter courses, and department tools we provide for emergency and medical teams, visit our help resources or explore our agency solutions.

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