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Free Webinar: Basic Airway Management

In this webinar, Dan Bunker—DNAP, MSNA, CRNA—thoroughly covers critical components of basic airway management to help improve your patient care. Those who view this webinar will:

  • Review normal upper airway anatomy
  • Understand different airway assessment tools
  • Be able to explain the benefits of proper positioning during airway management
  • Discuss the rationale for preoxygenation before airway management techniques are applied
  • Know how to assess for proper oxygenation
  • Demonstrate proper mask ventilation techniques
  • Understand the benefits of artificial airways

Watch the webinar now to learn critical skills that will help you improve patient outcomes

About the Presenter:

Dan Bunker has worked in the healthcare industry for nearly 30 years. He worked as a registered nurse in the coronary care ICU for 7 years and was a flight nurse with Intermountain’s Life Flight for nearly 10 years. He has been a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) for 11 years, working in the hospital setting as well as maintaining his own private practice. In addition, he is a professor in the nurse anesthesia program at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has served in various leadership roles within the Utah Association of Nurse Anesthetists (UANA) and is currently the president-elect.

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