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Fighting Fire with Fire – Understanding and Correctly Using Prescribed Burns

Each year thousands if not millions of acres of land are lost to the ravages of uncontrolled Wildland fires. Firefighters work long days and nights trying to mitigate the emergency so they can help reduce the spread of a Wildland fire. In this webinar, we discuss prescribed burns and how they aid in preventing and combating Wildland fires across the globe.

About the Presenter

Rick Campos

Rick Campos began his career in emergency services while serving in the United States Air Force. During his time in the Air Force, Rick was assigned to the Fire Protection Flight and served in many locations, including California, Texas, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. After his enlistment, Rick became a firefighter/EMT for a small fire department in Northern California, where he later obtained his paramedic license and an associate’s degree in fire science. In 2015, Rick became a civilian company officer for a federal fire department in Northern California that is made up of both active-duty military and civilian personnel. There he has been able to share his passion for fire and emergency services with the brave men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. Rick has a bachelor’s degree in emergency management and has been working as a fire and EMS instructor since 2015.


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