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Experience the Future of EMS Training: VR Demonstration

Ready to dive into the future of EMS education?

In this information-packed demonstration, CareerCert’s Ray Shanahan will walk you through the benefits and latest advances in EMS virtual reality training powered by Health Scholars.

Experience pediatric and ACLS emergencies in high-fidelity scenarios and see how VR training provides the deliberate practice and targeted feedback your personnel need to improve patient outcomes.


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About the Presenter:

Ray Shanahan Ray Shanahan has been a paramedic since 1986. His EMS career began with FDNY EMS in 1986, and he later moved to California in 1990. Ray’s EMS roles have included field provider, field training officer, operations manager, and director of training. Ray joined CareerCert in 2018 in the role of director of sales, which allowed him the ability to pursue his passion for EMS education.



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