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Manage, Track & Report with CareerCert’s Comprehensive Solutions


Save time and cost with easy-to-use tools and automation while accessing accredited, industry-leading training.


Easily distribute department-specific training, protocols, and more.


Assign targeted training to customized groups to sharpen skills and provide immediate feedback.


Track compliance, stay on top of expiring licenses, and view completed activities, drills, CEUs, and more in one easy place


Streamline audits and ensure your team is on track with reporting on training progress, gaps, and more.


Streamline onboarding, simplify reporting, and keep your department organized and ready for the next call.

Streamline Management

Save cost and stress while setting your department up for success.

Departments that use CareerCert’s platform and training have reported time savings as high as 40% for administrative staff and cost savings as high as $1,000+ per employee. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to communicate seamlessly with your team and view updates or reports at a glance.

Feel confident your team is prepared for the field.

Provide your team with access to 500+ hours of CAPCE-accredited continuing education that will meet your state and national recertification requirements. Also access fire fighter CEs that meet ISO requirements and are written to current NFPA and IFSTA guidelines.

Create & Track Training Online

Easily distribute department-specific training, protocols, directives, and more online.

No one knows your department’s needs like you do. That’s why CareerCert provides a simple way for you to distribute department-specific training, protocols, and information online. You can also easily see who has viewed that information, award CEUs and certificates, and test your team’s comprehension.

Track activities, drills, CEUs, licenses, certificates and more in one place.

Drills, in-person training, exercises, licenses, certifications—there’s a lot for your team to track. Let us help! CareerCert’s platform allows you to track external training, licenses, and certificates so you can view and report on all of your department’s training in one easy place.

Assign Targeted Training

Sharpen skills with continuous, customized, and quality training.

Avoid the last-minute stress of recertification! CareerCert’s intuitive tools allow you to assign targeted training, to be completed be specific dates based on personnel criteria, such as shift, license type, and more. Reuse training plans again and again to streamline onboarding or to fulfill safety and compliance requirements.

Provide immediate feedback to mitigate gaps.

Help your team get the continuous training they need to sharpen skills. Our multi-modal courses provide your personnel with immediate, targeted feedback. We can help you identify weaknesses in your organization and create training plans to mitigate gaps, reduce risk, and improve outcomes.

Track Compliance & Progress

Ensure your department is compliant with streamlined tracking.

With CareerCert, you don’t have to second guess whether your personnel are meeting ISO, state, national, or compliance requirements. Our streamlined tracking allows you to view snapshots and detailed reports of your department’s completed training information, including training you complete outside our platform.

Stay on top of licenses and certifications with automated reminders.

Whether licenses are expiring or you assign new training to your team, CareerCert will automatically notify your personnel of critical training and deadlines. Avoid certification lapses and keep your department running smoothly with our seamless communication tools.

Access Detailed Reports

Gain insights to make data-driven decisions with easy-to-use reporting.

Looking to identify weaknesses in your organization or evaluate whether your personnel are on track? CareerCert’s reporting tools allow you to view training progress, completions, and performance for your department so you can gain the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Streamline audits with easy-to-use reports and detailed data.

Whether you are completing a training report or filling out an audit, access the information you need with the click of a button. CareerCert can help your department stay organized so you can focus on what matters most—protecting and serving your community.

Consolidate & Delegate Responsibilities

Streamline onboarding and training for every member of your team.

Whether you are looking for training for firefighters, EMRs, EMTs, AEMTs, paramedics, drivers, DICOs, care providers, leaders, or instructors, CareerCert has you covered. Our platform allows you to create custom online training plans for your team that can simplify onboarding and compliance.

Simplify and consolidate your training, tracking, and reporting.

Don’t waste your time searching through spreadsheets or files. With CareerCert, your administrative team and personnel can access and view all your training information in one place. Access customizable, simple solutions that will help your team save time, stress, and costs.

Get the Training You Need in One Easy Place!

At CareerCert, we provide an easy, all-in-one solution for emergency departments and personnel. We’ll streamline your training, track your progress, report your CE hours, and send reminders to keep you on track. Discover the difference CareerCert can make in your training today!