Webinar: Intimate Partner Violence for EMS - Go Beyond Checking the Box

October 26th at 11:00 AM MT. Earn FREE CAPCE-Accredited Continuing Education Credits for EMS

October 26th at 11:00 AM MT – Join the live webinar to earn free CAPCE accredited credits.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a public health problem of epic proportions. IPV contributes to injuries, chronic health issues, and high-risk behaviors. IPV screening for all patients can improve health and decrease the risk for violence. EMS clinicians have a uniquely safe and private “office space” in which to screen for IPV. This presentation will provide the EMS provider with screening tools and evidence-based interventions.


  • Review of the definition of IPV
  • Active discussion of patterns of IPV
  • Brainstorm about the consequences of IPV
  • Discuss IPV in special populations
  • Private/safe screening options for IPV
  • Overview of IPV referral resources
  • What happens next after an IPV victim leaves?

About the Presenters

Melodie Kolmetz

Melodie Kolmetz is a New York State certified paramedic and Certified Instructor Coordinator (CIC) with 30 years of experience in various types of EMS delivery services, including 911 transport, fire-based first response, and fire-based transport. She is also a nationally certified physician assistant with 25 years of experience in primary care, emergency medicine, urgent care, gastroenterology, occupational medicine, and school physician services. She is currently the Director of Didactic Education and a principal faculty member in the developing physician assistant program in the school of health sciences and human performance at Ithaca College. She currently provides clinical care as part of the Rochester Regional Health Mobile Surgical Services team and occupational medicine/school physician services at Northern Star Medical, where she provides care for several of the local fire departments and EMS agencies.


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