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State Certification Requirement Information

State Certification Requirement Information

State requirements are in constant flux. Our team believes that we serve you best by being up to date on the needs for your state license renewal. However, your state office of EMS is the source of the most accurate information.   

In order to best prepare you to meet state certification requirements, here’s some information that may help you:

States That Follow NREMT Guidelines

If you complete the NREMT requirements, you’re also able to recertify in these states:

States That Do Not Recognize NREMT

The following states do not recognize NREMT as a prerequisite for licensure, but we still have the education that you need to complete your recertification except a BLS or ACLS provider card:

Check with your state to ensure that they do not limit the number of CEs that you can take online and that they accept F5 (virtual instructor-led training) as an equivalent to a live classroom.

Coming Soon

We are constantly expanding our content to anticipate industry needs and help you meet state requirements. Some of these coming courses and the states they impact include:

States With Unique Requirements

When taking CareerCert courses, here are some unique state requirements to consider:


After each self-paced course you complete, you will receive a certificate of completion which will be placed in your “Certificates” tab. After you complete your entire live course calendar program, you will receive one certificate to show you have met all the required F5 live instructor-led hours.

Uploading your certificates is simple. CareerCert has access and permission to upload certificates to the following states: Florida, Virginia, and New Jersey.

We also upload certificates to CAPCE directly but not to NREMT. NREMT, however, has a CAPCE upload tool on their website you can use to make the process easier. 

Personal Settings

If you wish to receive notifications about when your next live course is starting, you can enable that option in your profile. 1) Log in to your profile, which is located on your dashboard. 2) Select the “Live Schedule Notification” option. 3) Set your preferred notification options  and you can turn off and on the options that you would prefer of when to receive a notification of the start time of your class.