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Taking a Self-Paced Course

Self-paced courses are continuing education that you can take online and complete at your own speed. You can search for courses from our library, enroll, and complete the material by reviewing and moving through the videos, slides, or documents. Make sure your license information is up to date to access the EMS course library.

Enrolling in a Course

To enroll in any self-paced courses, or to access any courses that have been assigned to you, navigate to the applicable library in the left-hand navigation.

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Within the library, you have many options to look for a course. You can filter to search by name, level, or status. Any courses that have been assigned to you will automatically show up here.

When you have found a course you would like to take, click on it.

When you open the course, click on the “Enroll” button. That will launch the course. After the course has been completed, an exam will be unlocked. For any technical issues with the launch of a self-paced course, please see our “Technical Troubleshooting Guide.”

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If you need to step away, your course will be waiting for you in the library.

How do I access my certificate?

The certificate for the course will be available once the course has been completed, you have passed the exam, and the post-course evaluation has been completed.

What do ALS, BLS, and Combined mean in the course library?

Within our course library, you will see a “Level” category that contains 3 different options: ALS (Advanced), BLS (Basic), and Combined. Below, we provide a detailed description of each of these levels.

  • ALS—These are courses designed for advanced license holders, such as AEMTs and paramedics. Be sure to check your licensing requirements to see what level of courses you should be taking.
  • BLS—These are courses designed for basic license holders, such as EMRs. Be sure to check your licensing requirements to see what level of courses you should be taking.
  • Combined—These courses can be applied toward both advanced and basic licenses.

What if I fail the course?

You are allowed 3 attempts for each final exam. If you fail each of the 3 attempts, you will need to re-enroll and take the course again before retaking the exam.