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Schedule a Live Course

If you have purchased the option, you can host your own live, interactive course for your employees to attend.

The platform’s role is to manage the employees attending a live course and to assign those employees an exam that you don’t have to manually grade. This will help eliminate some of the paperwork involved when hosting a live course. To start scheduling the course, click on the “Schedule a Live Course” button on the left-hand navigation.



Any previous live courses you have scheduled will be listed here. This is also where you go to schedule a new live course. Add a new course to the schedule by clicking on “New Course Schedule.”



Use the search bar to find the in-house course that you created. Enter the dates, time and number of personnel. For an in-house VILT course, this number should not be more than 50. Set the location where the live course will be held, most likely “online”. There is a notes area that is not visible to the employees. This field is meant to be used by administrators for any information that may be helpful with the course. Once you’ve filled in the information, click “Create”.



You will then see your new course schedule in the list. Click on it to continue setup.

Editing a Live Course.

To edit the existing course, click the course title and then the “Edit Information” button. This will allow you to update the dates and times, as well as the exam. To see who has enrolled in the course, or to manually enroll your employees, click on “Edit Seats.”


From here you can add the personnel that needs to take your course. You will need to add them one by one. Alternatively, your personnel can enroll in the course themselves via the Live Course Calendar tab in their CareerCert profile.



Next click on the Adobe Connect tab. This feature requires an Adobe Connect license that you can purchase through CareerCert. Please reach out to your Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager to purchase.



When you are setting this up for the first time you will want to click on Add Meeting.



Name your course and select a template. If you have not created a template, select Standard Meeting Template. Then click Save.



Click on “Click to Close” to exit this area.

You will now want to login to Adobe Connect at  https://careerstep.adobeconnect.com. You may be prompted to download Adobe Connect.

When you are logged in click on Content in the Header Bar.


Choose the files you would like to upload. This will be the content you want to share in your class. This content will now be available for all In-House VILT courses you create.