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Personnel Records

You can view or manage your employee roster and access to education using Personnel Records. Click on the “Personnel Records” tab from the left-hand column of the dashboard. 

If you are part of a company with multiple accounts in our platform, or several sub-accounts representing different locations, please consult with client support (careercertsupport@carruslearn.com or (877) 458-9498) for additional assistance with some of the tools.

This page allows you to view each user’s name, when they last signed in, their license information, expiration dates, and, in some cases, progress for each license.

Easily edit your personnel records using CareerCert

Use the filters to find the employee or group of employees you’d like to manage. The results update in real-time based on your selections. Clicking the “Completion Report” button will automatically download a report of the individuals displayed in your list. If you would like to view more detailed attributes for an individual employee or access their certificates or edit their profile, click on the employee’s name.

CareerCert's personnel records allow you to see user names

Another Personnel Records feature in CareerCert

EMS Progress Report

The EMS Progress Report shows an employee’s progress relative to their current certification cycle. From this section, you can click on a category header (if completions or enrollments are present) and see the specific courses a user is currently enrolled in or has completed in this category.

This view is identical to the user’s own view into this information. 

CareerCert makes every effort to be up to date on each state’s requirements so that this report is accurate. Note that this report currently does not include F5 (VILT) completions. This report is a view into state requirements by hour and category and does not include any CPR, OSHA, or other compliance-related requirements that your state may have.

Edit Information

If you have the Member Manager role in your organization, you can click the “Edit Information” button from the Personnel Record home page. If you feel that you need access to edit your personnel and are not able to, please contact our client support department (careercertsupport@carruslearn.com or (877) 458-9498).

This feature allows you to update the employee’s personal information, station tags, give them access to administrative tools, add a license, and make them a user with access to our library of courses and/or a VILT Refresher Program if your department has purchased these options.

When making a change to a user’s license, their profile will now have expired the “incorrect” license and the update will now be added to their profile as their current license. If the user you have just edited completed any courses against the “incorrect” license, contact client support for assistance in moving the completions from the “incorrect” license to your now updated version of the license. 


The Certificates page will allow you to review completion records and see exam results. You have the ability to print or email these records. If you choose to email the records, the transcript will go to the Notification’s section on your Admin Dashboard as well to your email.  

Note that this page is identical to the user’s own view in their account except that they do not have access to review their exam results or edit access to exam attempts.

If you have the Member Manager role in your organization, you can view seat availability and add users to your group as you hire new staff by clicking the “Add User” button from the Personnel Records home page.

If you do not have seats available and try to add a new user, the information entered will not be saved. You can purchase additional seats at any time by contacting client support at careercertsupport@carruslearn.com or (877) 458-9498.

Managing Certificates Using Personnel Records

To add a new employee to your Personnel Records, you must enter the required fields: Name, E-mail, and City. All other fields are optional. If you would like to assign additional roles to the employee, check each box that would apply.

The “Self Paced Subscription” box should be checked before completing your form to enable the user to have immediate access once you click “Submit.”

The new employee will show up in your personnel roster as soon as you click “Submit.”

To remove an employee, search the employee by name or email address to ensure you have selected the correct user to remove. If you have/use this feature and are part of a multi-tiered group, the user will only be removed from the group for which you are an administrator.

Click the “Remove User” button. You will receive a prompt asking you to confirm the removal. If you remove a user from your group, the user’s history and completion history will no longer be available as a part of your report history. In case of an audit, you can request this data by contacting your customer success manager.

The user will lose access to participate in the course libraries and any department-specific assignments you provided to them. The user will still have access to their completion records even if they have been removed from your group and are no longer employed with your department.

If your department purchased the live refresher courses as a part of your package, please contact your client manager to remove access to the live refreshers for the employee you removed.