Personnel Records

You can manage your employees and their progress using Personnel Records. Click on the “Personnel Records” tab from the left-hand column of the dashboard.

Use the filters at the top to find the employee or group of employees you’d like information on. Hitting the “Completion Report” button will display information based on the information you provided for filtering. If you would like more information on an individual employee, click on that employee’s name.

The Personnel Record shows information about an employee such as when their certification expires, what subscriptions they have, license numbers, etc. From this screen you can edit the employee’s information, view their EMS progress reports, and view their certificates.

The EMS Progress Report shows an employee’s progress relative to their current certification cycle.

If you click Edit Information from the Personnel Record, you can update your employee’s personal information, update their license info, and assign roles within your company.

On the Certificates page, you can review any certificates in the platform. You can review an employees exams of the courses the employee has taken to understand areas they may have struggled with. Certificates can be printed or viewed. You can email a copy of the employee’s progress by clicking the “Email Records” button.

If your group has the option enabled, you can add employees to your group as you hire new staff by clicking the “Add Student” button.

From the Add Student screen, you will have the option to provide the employee’s personal information, their license information, and any roles you want to assign the employee to. After hitting submit, if you have seats available the new employee will show in your Personnel roster.

To remove an employee, click the employee’s name.

Click the “Remove Student” button. You will receive a prompt asking you to confirm the removal. If you remove an employee from your group, they will no longer show on any reports for any assignments they were enrolled in. The employee will still have access to their records by logging in, but will no longer have access to courses. If the employee was enrolled in a live refresher, please contact support to remove the refresher from their account as well.

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