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Group Administration Dashboard

Group Administration Dashboard

Group administrators will have all of the tabs that an individual learner would see. In addition to those tabs, administrative feature tabs are also added. Note that all features listed may not be included in your account. Features are unlocked depending on what your group has purchased.

On the Administrative Dashboard, there is an area to request enhancements or new features. Clicking the link opens a form for you to fill out and submit. These submissions help guide where we focus our efforts on building and enhancing the platform.

Notifications are also on the Administrative Dashboard. If there are any new assignments, expiring courses, or department-wide notifications, this is where those will show. To learn more about how to send notifications, see the Notification article.

If your group uses Subscription Code Approval Requests, the dashboard links to where you can go to approve when an employees uses a subscription code. If you have it enabled, you can also approve external training records from the dashboard. When an employee goes to the Certificates tab and uploads an external training record you can approve or deny that here.

The Enrollment Approval Request can also be accessed from the dashboard. If an employee fails an exam, you can review the information here and allow the employee to retake the exam if desired.

If you want to download all of the information on your employees within the account, click on the “Email” button in the Department Information Report. When the information is ready, you will receive an email and notification letting you know.

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