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Group Administration Dashboard

CareerCert's Admin Dashboard

Your account may look different depending on what your group purchased with CareerCert. Please feel free to reach out to CareerCert support for any questions or assistance.

If you would like to request enhancements or new features, click the link that appears at the top of your dashboard (pictured above). This opens a form for you to fill out and submit. These submissions help guide where we can focus our efforts on building and enhancing the platform.

New assignments, expiring courses, or department-wide notifications will appear under the Notifications section on the Administration Dashboard. To learn more about how to send notifications, see our Notifications article.

The Enrollment Approval Request is useful if an employee fails one of your in-house exams and wants to retake it. You will have the opportunity to review the information and allow the employee to retake the exam if desired.

If you would like to download information on your employees within the account, click the “Email” button in the Department Information Report. When the report is ready, you will receive an email and a notification on the Administrative Dashboard.

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