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External Training Records

You can manage and import external training records. This is done through the “Ext. Record Imports” and “Ext. Train Reports.” Both options can be found in the left-hand navigation bar.

Importing External Training Records

CareerCert gives you the ability to upload records from any class attended outside of the CareerCert platform (external records).

Uploading these external records will add the completion to the user’s certificates feature in their account. By attaching a certificate to the external record, the user will also be able to print the certificate using the “Certificates” feature.

Keep in mind that this feature is designed to import bulk generate records. Personnel who want to upload individual training records can do so under the “Certificates” tab.

Start with the “Ext. Records Imports” option in the left-hand sidebar.

External Training Records button

Click on the “New External Record Import” button at the top.

External Records Imports

Select “External Training Record” from the list of 3 options.

External Training Record

External training records are records of training taken outside the CareerCert platform. Your external training record allows you to record the course title, hours, category, completion date, etc. as well as attach this record to the license for each user you select.

Select the profession based on the training records you are importing.

Fill out the details of the training record. You can upload a certificate, a roster, a certification card, etc. Most file types are accepted, including xls, csv, pdf, doc, png, jpeg, and more. You can also include information about the course.

Note that either the “CE Credit Hours” or “CE Contact Hours” information needs to be entered.

Then hit “Save.”


Use the “+” and “-” buttons to add or remove employees from your group to this training record. You can use filters to narrow the list and assign specific employees.

Each user you select will turn green when they are added to the record. Once you have completed your selection, click the blue “Let’s Review!” button near the top of the page to review everything you’ve entered so far.

How to Use CareerCert External Training Records

Review the information. If you need to make any changes, you can go back to the previous steps.

When ready, click “Run External Record Import.” Note that this import cannot be undone.

Any imports you create will be shown in a list. To review the imports, click the title.

External Record Reporting


By clicking the “Ext. Train. Reports” button in the left-hand menu, you will be brought to this screen.

From here, you can enter filters to narrow your results to a specific import and “Run Report” of users.

If you have a warning notification next to a student account, this reflects that the learner does not have the correct license/date range for the record you have attempted to add.

You can also email these reports to yourself. These reports will show on your Admin Dashboard under “Notifications” and will be emailed to the email address you use to login to the platform.

Clicking on a record allows you to review information about the external record.