External Training Records

You can manage and import external training records. Both options can be found in the left-hand navigation.

Importing External Training Records

Clicking the “External Record Import” button takes you to this page. From here, you can upload records from classes attended outside of our platform. Training you did in-person with your staff can also be uploaded and tracked. Uploading these external records will add a record of the event to your employee’s Certificates or records area within the platform. The process is the same to upload EMS or Fire records, but it is important that you select the right type of record to keep tracking accurate.

You can upload a certificate, a roster, a certification card, etc. You can also include information about the course.

If you want to award CE credit for the activity, include the CE number that is your agency’s Fire or EMS Credential number. You can add the awarded hours by category. Use the “Assign Users” button to add employees from your group to this training record. You can use filters to narrow the list and assign specific employees. Once you’ve selected all the relevant employees, click “Assign Users.” Once the External Training Record has been successfully created, click “Save.”

Any imports you create will be shown in a list. To review the imports, click the title.

External Record Reporting

By clicking the “External Record Report” you will be brought to this screen. From here you can edit information and a run a “Report of User(s)” for the import.

You can also run an External Records Report directly from the dashboard. This report allows you to see what your employees, training officers, educators and administrators have put into the platform as external training records. You can use the filters to find specific imports. Clicking on an import allows you to review information about the external record.

You can also email reports to yourself. These reports will show in your dashboard under Notifications and sent to the email address you use to login to the platform.

If you need additional assistance, contact your Client Manager or call us at 1-877-458-9498