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ECC Certification Library

Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) Certification courses are necessary for your users to fulfill specific skill sets, but are separate from their basic CE requirements. If your department purchased access to these additional products, they enable your users to take these certifications online and complete them at their own speed.

Each user will need up-to-date license information prior to taking any ECC Certification Course.

Required steps for ECC certifications

ECC certification courses will require completion of the following:

  • Didactic course materials
  • Skills Verification Document
    • EMS professionals are required to complete this document
    • Nurses, doctors, and other professionals may not require the skills verification.
      Check with your organization/agency to confirm.
  • Exam
  • Post-Course Evaluation

You can verify the status of a user and their certification courses using the Reports feature.

Enrolling in an ECC Certification Course

You and your users will be able to enroll in any course within the ECC Certification Library. Be sure to choose the ECC certification that is required for your or your users’ license level as the library will allow users to take any of the courses in the library.

To enroll, navigate to the Certification Course Library in the left-hand menu navigation.

You can filter to search by name, level, or status. Any certifications that have been assigned to you will automatically show up here, along with the certification due date.  When you have found a certification course you would like to take, click on the title to open it. Then click on the “Enroll” button to launch the course.

Assigning Users to an ECC Certification Course

Educators and other training officers can assign users to one or more courses within the ECC Certification Library. Filters can be used to search by name, level, or status. Make sure that users are assigned the ECC certification course that corresponds to their license level, as the library will allow a user to take any of the courses in the library.

For more guidance with making assignments, please see the CareerCert Assignments help guide: https://www.careercert.com/help/group-admins/assignments/

ECC Certification Reports

You can access reports about the status of your users and their certification courses by using the Reports function. Filters can be used to search by name, level, or completion status. Click on Reports in the left-hand menu.

For more guidance with accessing reports, please see the CareerCert Reports help guide: https://www.careercert.com/help/group-admins/reports/

Accessing ECC certificates

Both a certificate and card for the ECC certification course will be available once all applicable steps have been completed.

To view a user’s certificates, click on Certificates on the left hand side menu. Next to the certificate, you’ll find the option to print the certificate and the card. The card will print as a wallet-size option.