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You can assign individual courses from our course libraries or your own in-house courses to your providers. To access assignments, click on “Assignments” on the left-hand panel.

From the assignments page, you can view or edit current and new assignments. You can also run basic reporting for current or expired assignments, re-enroll your users in failed enrollments, and notify users who are past due on their assignments.

Creating a New Assignment

Click “New Assignment” to search for a course to assign. Assignments can only be used to assign a single course at a time. If you’d like to assign multiple courses at a time, Training Plans are the more appropriate feature.

When choosing your course, note the level of the course you select. When choosing an advanced version (ALS) of the course, you will want to be sure to assign the advanced course to only advanced providers. The same will apply to your basic (BLS) courses and providers.

After selecting the course you’d like to assign, choose the date you’d like the assignment to begin, as well as the date you’d like the course to be due.

Assign Users

You have the ability to send or turn off notifications and emails to your staff. It is recommended to leave these on so that your employees receive notifications of anything assigned to them as well as notifications as the assignment due date approaches.

After you have chosen the settings for the assignment, click the “Assign Users” button.

The first field allows you to add users to an assignment by searching their name or email address. 

You can also search your employees by certification type, when their license expires, and many other points of information if they are entered in the employee’s account (i.e. tags, shift, etc.)  Once you find the users, add them to the assignment. 

When you have a group of users filtered, clicking on the “Assign Users Below” button will add them to the assignment. You can return to the filter screen multiple times to use a variety of criteria to add all users that you wish to the assignment.

If you’d like to assign all users in your account, you can click the “Clear Form and Assign All Users” button. Depending on your needs, it may be easier to add all users to your assignment and then remove those that don’t need to participate.

If you would like to remove specific users that you’ve added to the Assignment prior to Creating the Assignment, you can place their email address in the “Remove Users” box.

Allow Duplicate Enrollments

By turning this feature on, it will assign users who have already completed this course during their current licensing period. This position would allow you to require the course regardless of whether it has been completed in the past. 

By turning this feature off, users who have completed the assigned course during their current licensing period will not be ignored in the assignment. This position would prevent you from accidentally requesting that a user complete a course that they have already completed during the licensing period. 

Send Dashboard Notifications & E-mails

If the assignment start date is today, assignment notifications will go out immediately. Notifications will appear on the users’ dashboards as well as through email. If it is set to a future date, the notification will be sent at midnight on the start date of the assignment. 

Notifications are also sent to each user 1 week in advance of the assignment due date and again on the day that the assignment is due.

Create Assignment

When you have confirmed that all of your users and parameters are correct, click the “Create” button. The system will ask you to confirm you want to assign this course to the selected employees.

Editing or Reviewing an Assignment

If you want to review or edit an active assignment, click on the name.

If the Assignment is not active, you can still click on it and navigate or update the features such as “Enrollment Status,” “Search By Name,” and “Notify Past Due Users.”

If the Assignment is expired but the user has not completed the course, the enrollment will still remain visible and available to the user until the course accreditation expires or the user completes the assigned course.


You can run a report of the users assigned by clicking “Report of User(s) Assigned.”

The report reflects user information including Course Title, Start Date, Due Date, and Status (i.e. past due, evaluated, etc.). The filter allows you to view the status by All, Evaluated (Completed), Due within 30 days, Past Due, Enrolled, Passed, and Failed. You can also use the search bar to search by an individual’s name.

You have the option to email the report, which will appear on the Admin Dashboard in the Notification section and via email from the CareerCert registered email address.

If you choose to notify past-due users, they will receive a notification on their User Dashboard and an email that the assigned course is past due. This will be in addition to the regular notifications the user received during the regular course of the assignment.

If an assignment is still active, you can edit the assigned users by clicking the “Edit Original User(s) Assigned” button. Within 3 days of the assignment Due Date, the assignment is no longer available to edit or modify.