You can assign individual courses from our course libraries or your own in-house courses to your providers. This is done through the “Assignments Tab.” To access assignments, click on the “Assignments” button on the left-hand panel.

From the assignment page you can view your existing assignments, or create a new one.

Creating A New Assignment

Click “New Assignment” to search for a course. Assignments can only be used to assign a single course. If you’d like to assign multiple courses, training plans are the more appropriate feature.

After selecting a course, select the start date and when the course is due by.

There are two toggles you can control: “Allow Duplicate Enrollments” and “Send Dashboard Notifications & Emails”

Allow Duplicate Enrollments

When this is toggled to the off position, it will not allow a learner that has taken this course on this certification cycle to be re-enrolled in a course. This stops a user from getting double credit for a course in a certification cycle. We recommend leaving this button in the off position at all times when making assignments to ensure your employees are not getting duplicate course enrollments.

Send Dashboard Notifications & Emails

You also have the ability to send notifications and emails to your staff, or to turn them off. We suggest leaving these on so that your employees receive notification of any assignment you have made to them.

After you have chosen the settings for the assignment, click the “Assign Users” button.

You can search your employees by certification type, when their license expires, and many other points of information that was entered in the employee’s account. As you find the users, add them to the assignment. When you have the desired group of employees for this assignment, click on the “Assign User Below” button.

When you are ready, hit the “Create” button. The system will confirm you want to assign this course to the selected employees. If the assignment start date is today, assignment notifications will go out immediately. Otherwise the notifications will go out the day the assignment starts. These notifications will occur in the dashboard, as well as through email, assuming you did not deactivate the notifications for the assignment.

Editing or Reviewing an Assignment

If you want to review or edit an assignment, click on the name.

You can run a report of the users assigned to the assignment by clicking “Report of User(s) Assigned.”

The report will show information about the employees assigned and due dates. You can email the report to yourself and notify all past due students that they still need to complete the assignment. You can filter the report based on enrollment status. The options for that filter are: Evaluated/Completed, Due Within 30 Days, Past Due, Enrolled, Passed, and Failed. You can also search by a specific employee’s name.

If an assignment is still active, you edit the assigned users by clicking the “Edit Original User(s) Assigned” button.


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